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It's Good To Laugh At One's Self

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But it's better to poke fun at those who take themselves to seriously. As may have mentioned I run a virtual airline, or at least my members let me think I run it. In 2004 I got into online flightsimming, first here when it was BioHazard and later at West Coast ATC. Eventually I wound up at FS Top Gun and started a military VA called CAG40. Well after five years of flying military I decided to try something different so I closed CAG40 and started Lagoon Transport Ltd or Less Than Legitimate airlines. It started as joke among friends but the potential for making fun of VA's that have so many rules that they suck the fun out of this hobby was to great to pass up. I have been operating this VA for about a year now and I feel that it's time to share what we made. So if you want a laugh check out my page, it's not complete and it is usually updated after a few few beers and lack of sleep. Some pages go nowhere and some are confusing, but that's life and when the site is perfect then that's about the time to start something new.


So go here and remember that drunken monkeys could do a better job, but I'm to cheap to hire drunk monkeys.




And yes I'm too cheap to also get a new web address.

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