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Falklands Frigates (Working) v.1.1

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Falklands Frigates (Working) v.1.1


Falklands Frigates - Working v. 1.1



This package contains re-worked verions of five British frigates that saw action in the Falklands/Malvinas Conflict of 1982. All five models were released previously at CombatAce, but they suffered from non-functioning guns and/or surface-to-air missiles. All versions included in this release include working guns and missiles.


Included are:


- HMS Brilliant (Type 22 Class Frigate)

- HMS Antelope (Type 21 Class Frigate)

- HMS Argonaut (Type 12L/Leander Class Frigate)

- HMS Plymouth (Type 12M/Rothesay Class Frigate)

- HMS Yarmouth (Type 12M/Rothesay Class Frigate)


The Brilliant is equipped with Sea Wolf SAMs. The Antelope, Argonaut, Plymouth, and Yarmouth are equipped with Sea Cat SAMs. Note that the Sea Cat SAM version included here for the Type 12M frigates uses tweaked data and is designed to be installed side-by-side with other Sea Cat versions you might already have installed for other ships.


* Updated (11/19/2010): verion 1.1 of this package adds the Antelope and Argonaut.






The following installation process is designed for Strike Fighters 1 ("Gen 1") installs, but it can be easily adapted to Strike Fighters 2 ("Gen 2") installs.


Step 1: Drop the \Objects folder included here in the installation

folder for your SFP1 install (whether it be SF Gold, WOE,

WOV, or WOI).


Step 2: Add the data from ForWeaponData.txt to your WeaponData.INI

file and save the changes using the Weapons Editor for SFP1.


Step 3: Add the data from ForGunData.txt to your GunData.INI file and

save the changes using the Guns Editor for SFP1.


That's it.







I did not create these models. All I did was hack the DATA.INIs to get the weapons working properly. The original authors of these ships are as follows:


HMS Brilliant ...... Banidos Team

HMS Antelope ....... Banidos Team

HMS Argonaut ....... Banidos Team

HMS Plymouth ....... Hinchinbrooke

HMS Yarmouth ....... Hinchinbrooke


The destroyed model for the Brilliant is from the Banidos Team's Type 21 frigate. See the \_Docs folder for the original readme texts for all five ships.




Eric Howes

19 November 2010


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Thank you very much for taking the time

To check and fix these ships Eric drinks.gif

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This package was updated today (11/19/2010). Version 1.1 adds the Antelope and Argonaut.


Eric Howes

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