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"Battle of Caporetto" Version 2.0

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"Battle of Caporetto" Version 2.0

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********* The Battle of Caporetto **********


*Version 2.0*


By quack74


November 2010


This download contains a new campaign data.ini and Config.ini for the "Battle of Caporetto" campaign made by quack74.


The upgrade to 2.0 contains German air units that participated in the great battle. Along with a few aces.

Most of the markings are not historically accurate due to lack of detailed information and photographs. The names of the aces are accurate. All the units that I have included are accurate.


**You MUST have "The Battle of Caporetto" Version 1.0 (the original download, part1 and part2) for this to work properly**


These German units were sent to reinforce the Austrian campaign against the Italians soon after the collapse of the Eastern (Russian) Front. These units would start to appear in September of 1917 and last till the end of February 1918.


Jagdstaffeln (fighters):


Jasta 1 - Albatros D.V

Jasta 31 - Albatros D.III

Jasta 39 - Albatros D.IIIOAW


FeldFleigerAbteilung (ground attack):



FFA.14 - All DFWC5

FFA.17 -



Kampfgeschwader 4 units (bombers):


Kagohl 19

Kagohl 20 - All AEG G.IV

Kagohl 21



Also included are one more French air unit and one more Italian air unit.


French: Escadrille N392 (N24bis) standard markings


Italian: Squadriglia 79a (N27) Camouflage pattern with four known aces, including one ace skin.


Enjoy everyone, quack74




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