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B-1B Operation Desert Fox

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B-1B Operation Desert Fox

B-1B Operation Desert Fox 1 16/12/1998


This is a strike mission on Baghdad Republican Guard HQ with a B-1B Lancer.


On target area there is an heavy concentration of enemy air defense, so is necessary

to fly at low altitude to wp 04(IP) - wp 05(target) - wp 06 - wp 07.


In the folder there is also a fligh plan with speed and altitude suggested for the mission.


Also many enemy aircraft will be on CAP mission.


Aircraft needed:


B-1B Lancer (new model)











all the aircrafts are available on ODS Campaign 1-2-3



F-14D available on WOE aircraft downloads


Ships needed:


CNV-75 available on WOE ships download

CVN-71 available on ODS Campaign 1-2-3


Installation instructions:


Copy and overwrite DS_types.ini and DS_targets.ini in your WOE_terrain_DS folder.

Copy B-1B #Baghdad Republican Guard HQ mission file in your WOE_mission








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I've maybe missed something but when did we get a flyable B-1B for SF1????


The only one I saw recently was for SF2.:dntknw:

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