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  1. Ok Srahi, I certainly can't hold back any longer........is that beauty coming to SF2 anytime soon??
  2. I'm looking for a wee bit of support in using this tool. I am having the same problems as Raven reported way back in Page 1 of this post - i.e. I get a CTD when I try to load the terrain/target areas to edit. I've followed the instructions in the readme - e.g. path to terrain ini, etc - with no success. Does the editor work on a fully merged SF2NA install??.......or do I have to have a seperate install without SF2NA?? Any help/support would be gratefully received.
  3. Sorry man but that's like being at the Kennedy shooting and saying "........Ooo, Jacqui's wearing a pink suit" It's a *@#~ Tu-160!!!!!!!!
  4. In my case I discovered it was a couple of dodgy stabilizer entries in the data.ini rather than the text file encoding
  5. Yes I've also had issues with some 1st Gen a/c crashing the game when I've tried them, thanks for your replies
  6. Sorry if this has been asked or answered before, but are there any tips or instructions on how to convert an SF1 aircraft to SF2.......i.e. changing the .ini file to unicode???? cheers
  7. WWII Ground Objects

    Thanks for the assistance chaps
  8. Are there any packs out there that have WWII ground objects and AAA included for SF2?? I've had a look through the SF2 tankks and AAA packs but couldn't really find too much. cheers
  9. Got Punked......

    Don't know, but he was definately a Dum Fuk!!
  10. The Ashes 2013

    It ended the way the last 2 series did.........Aus lost!! These umpiring decisions even themselves out.....Trott was judged as not out by the ICC after the game. Great first test tho, Agar looks a real find. Roll on 2nd test on Thursday
  11. Thankyou for yet another wonderful addition. I'm a sucker for all things soviet/russian!!
  12. Thankyou SupGen, used it and worked a treat!! Handy way to switch between mods
  13. Cheers for that, I hadn't D/L the file at that point. Will try it out this evening
  14. I'm interested in using this as I already use JSGME for IL-2 mods (I take it it's the same one?!?) How do I set up JSGME to use/switch mods for Strike Fighters??
  15. Airstrikes on land targets in SF2NA

    Is this the same JSGME that I use for IL-2?? If so how do I set it up for use with Strike Fighters??

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