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SF2: Europe Expansion 2 Campaign Flyable Aircraft tweak 1.1 (NATO)

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SF2: Europe Expansion 2 Campaign Flyable Aircraft tweak 1.1 (NATO)

Just unzip into your merged Strike Fighters 2 Folder.

You need SF2: Israel Exp 1 for this to work.

Only tested on fully Merged Installation.


I also very much recommend Soulfreaks F-84 Mega Skin Update Pack:


I have not tested this mod without using it, and using it would be a great thing for you to do. Trust me :)


You have to make the aircraft flyable by yourself. To do this, simply copy the line:


into the .ini of the Aircraft you wish to make flyable.

For the Spitfires, I recommend using the P-51D Cockpit:



Contains the Campaign fix for the F-100A Super Sabre.

Warsaw Pact Air Force now also operates a few Squadrons of Spitfires,

used as standins for Soviet Props.


Added Aircraft (All are Flyable in Campaign with abovementioned modification)


USAF: F-84F, P-51D

RAF: Canberra, Spitfire9e, Spitfire 9c, Vampire9

France: F-84F, P-51D

Denmark: Hunter 5, Meteor8

Luftwaffe: F-84F

Netherlands: F-84F, Meteor8, Hunter4

Belgium: F-84F, Meteor8


My Tributes to the NATO Fighters & Mirage Factory teams.


Thanks to:


Its his toys, I only changed their places in the Toybox!



I was no fan of the F-84F, but you converted me in a New York Minute :)



All rights belong to their respective owners.


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hello JonathanRL,



thanks for leading the way.


Here are some references about Belgian and Dutch air forces at that time.


(It already have been posted in a NF4 related thread but I realized that you were somewhat ahead so I want to be sure that you get the intels)


Belgian orbat for November 1956.

Belgian Military Aviation*



Parade at Brustem, 1956

1st Wing (Beauvechain)

  • 4th Sqn ( Meteor F.8 )
  • 10th Sqn ( Meteor NF.11 )
  • 11th Sqn ( Meteor NF.11 )
  • 349th Sqn ( Meteor F.8 )
  • 350th Sqn ( Meteor F.8 )

2nd Wing (Florennes)

  • 1st Sqn ( F-84F )
  • 2nd Sqn ( F-84F )
  • 3rd Sqn ( F-84F )

7th Wing (Chièvres)

  • 7th Sqn ( Hunter F.4 )
  • 8th Sqn ( Hunter F.4 )
  • 9th Sqn ( Hunter F.4 )

9th Wing (Bierset)

  • 22nd Sqn ( Hunter F.4 )
  • 26th Sqn ( Hunter F.4 )
  • 30th Sqn ( Hunter F.4 )

10th Wing (Kleine Brogel, prev. Geilenkirchen)

  • 23rd Sqn ( F-84F )
  • 27th Sqn ( F-84F )
  • 31th Sqn ( F-84F )

13th Wing (Brustem)

  • 25th Sqn ( Meteor F.8 )
  • 29th Sqn ( Meteor F.8 )
  • 33rd Sqn ( Meteor F.8 )


Independent ( Wahn)

  • 42nd Sqn ( RF-84F )


not yet officially known as "Belgian Air Force"

until 1959, the ranks were RAF's style

the F-84F had a Fighter-Bomber role but it's not until 1960 that a nuclear QRA were planned.

From June 1956, all planes were painted to NATO standard and their Sqn code were painted in white on the nose.





Belgian Military Aviation, 1945-1977 by Paul A. Jackson





KLu Orbat (based on the January 1955 orbat)




311, 312 and 313 Sqn at Volkel

314, 315 and 315 Sqn at Eindhoven




306 Sqn at Laarbuch



Hunter F.4

(not sure they were all converted, some may still fly the Meteor F.8)


322 and 327 Sqn at Soesterberg

323, 324 and 325 Sqn at Leeuwarden

326 and 328 Sqn at Woensdrecht




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Thanks for the Info.


I don´t know if I am planning an update, but if I make one, I will be sure to add your into it.

My sources was actually mainly wikipedia, and was willing to make adjustments for Gameplay.


Interesting reading nevertheless :)

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