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FNG or should I say FOG needs help

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I'm an "Frackin' Old Guy" and need assistance adding aircraft to SF1 & WoV. What is a rar file and where and how do I add it. Thanks from "OldSolider"(ret)



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I'm not the best at this, but here's what I have learned:


1) download desired plane


2) open the rar folder or ZIP file. In it you will have an assortment of folders, some different form the rest, but all of them seem to have the following - an aircraft file; this will go into your Root (root being SF or WOE or WOI whatev folder)> Objects> Aircraft Put her there pal, it should be a bunch of a/c folders with pilot stuff on the bottom.


3) Put the rest of the folders in the prescribed places, ie, if it is an effect, go put that one in your Root>Effects, or say it's an afterburner sound then Root>Sounds folder.


4) Go test it out. I rarely have problems with the planes themselves, only if weaps are involved. The planes will work. If you would like to know how to get them to come up on a campaign then hit me on the PM and I will explain that one too.


Another thing, download the data.cat extractor tool, it will help you out, and again, I can help you with that one too if needed.


Good luck!!!!



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An rar file is a type of file compression (like a zip file).


Use 7-zip to open it, then read the readme of the file to determine where to add and what.


If you're completely new to the SF series, you need to start right here:




I'm moving this to the correct section of the forum...welcome to CombatAce.



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