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  1. Hi all!! ~S! It's been a while since I was on here, so fist off glad to be back! I have been flying a ton of IL2 lately and saw on M4T that someone was asking about a campaign style that I saw on here and don't know where to look now that there has been some serious reorganizing that happened at some point. The campaign was different. Someone would say "We are gonna run a cmapaign on this map", then next would come the mission, the writer would say "we are going to bomb so and so, and there are going to be X of this plane, y of those planes, X does this job, Y does this one, etc"....Then people were writing in on the thread saying they would fly x and do x's prescribed mission, and then report back and post back to the thread. After everyone wrote their part of the mission in then next mission was posted, and people would go and fly a small part and report back, it was different, and a guy on M4T was wondering how it went. Kinda sounded like he wanted to start somehting like that for the IL2 crowd. Anyone remember hwo to do this or where I can find teh old thread that had this? Thank for you for any and all help! ~S
  2. That easykill treatment stuff looks pretty sweet.
  3. Marine shoots a man's coon dog (dawg)

    It would seem fairly obvious that the owner of the dog should have done a few things different: 1) Hunting dogs aren't gun shy, so this guy is either a liar or the dog is no way worth that much money lol, because who in their right mind would pay $4000 for a hunting dog that runs away from guns? 2) Kept the dog on his property. How many owners get sued for their dogs attacking kids in streets or other yards? Sounds like the shooter was protecting his family, but he also inadvertently saved the owner from getting sued in the end possibly by the neighbor!! 3) Maybe moved to where you can use hunting dogs legally for hunting. Unfortunately our opinions don't count anymore in this country, and even if the jury of peers correctly decided in favor of the shooter the owner is probably going to get his way through appeals. Our judicial system is great.....unless it is figuring on common sense. Lawyers no longer care about people, only money, and they will bend both Constitution and law to get their way for the client. Seeing that we are all in agreement here is heart warming, and I thank my fellow Americans for not being silly. This man should not be in trouble, and the other guy should get stuck with all of the fees for his trouble for making a nonsense claim. Seriously courts, do the right thing please and restore our faith in your system. ~Stingray
  4. Not a Job I would relish!

    Nice... " Yep, you can't go on Charlie, how nice..." that cracked me up lol.
  5. Is that a joke? I can never tell when someone is joking, but it would seem ok to add it, I mean, y'all put planes form movies in, like the FireFox and such!!
  6. http://www.column5.us/links.htm Try this place out..........
  7. The Slip

    A man is trying to get to Pittsburgh, but being that it is super short notice he doesn't want to pay for a plane ticket. He heads to the train station and waits in line, and when he gets to the window he notices that the girl behind the glass has huge breasts. He asks her " Can I get one picket to Titsburgh" and immediately realizes his error!! He turns red with embarrassment, the girl begins to cry, people are staring at him coldly, and a gentleman stading behind him taps him on the should and says "Hey, it's alright man, it's called a Freudian slip, I do it all the time". "It's a what?" "it's called a Freudian slip, it's where you say one thing but you meant to say something else", the gentleman explains, "I do it all the time." "Oh, well thank you" says the man. "Yes", says the gentleman, "Why just the other night I was having dinner with my wife and went to ask her to please pass the salt, but what I really said was 'you f***in' bitch you wrecked my life'!!"
  8. Non-US Movies About War

    Is "A Bridge Too Far" a UK flick?
  9. Adverse yaw and the F-4

    Hi all!!! A few weeks ago I saw a post, another one lol, regarding flying and fighting in the F-4. There were some good things in it, and I had mentioned some stuff about adverse yaw. A few days ago I found this and wanted to put it up for all the Rhino lovers, it goes pretty in detail about adverse yaw without confusing the folks who have a tough time with science description and lawyer speak.....people like me!! They came from a website who's nae I can't recall this instant, but I have it saved in my favs at work so I will post credit as soon as I am able to. Also, I looked for the other post but was unable to locate it, so............... "In the low-speed regime during a dogfight, the F-4 was prone to what was called adverse yaw- normally when the pilot wanted to turn one direction, he only had to move the stick in that direction. At low speeds and high angles of attack that were commonplace in a dogfight, however, if a pilot pushed the stick to the left, the downward-deflected aileron on the right wing would produce more drag than lift, causing the Phantom to yaw back to the right even though the pilot wanted to turn left. As the yaw increases, the effective sweep on the left wing decreases and it starts to produce more left and the F-4 snaps to the right and then into a spin. All this happened nearly instantly and pilots had to compensate for the adverse yaw when rolling left or right by using the rudder aggressively during close air combat- instead of moving the stick into the direction of the turn, the rudder was deflected. So a left turn meant keeping the stick centered and pushing the left rudder pedal down. This causes the Phantom to yaw to the left and this decreases the effective sweep on the right wing- it therefore creates more lift and the plane now snap rolls into the direction of the turn. This took a lot of practice and it was suspected that a significant number of Phantom combat losses were due to adverse yaw conditions." "But the F-4Es had another advantage and that was what was called a "soft wing"- the wing now had leading edge slats that were controlled automatically by the flight control system whenever the angle of attack would reach a certain level. When the AoA hit this preset level, the slats would automatically pop out and it increased the lift across the wing- this had a dual effect on the Phantom- it eliminated the adverse yaw condition, even at high angles of attack. And secondly, the Phantom became practically spin proof as adverse yaw got eliminated- accidents from spins dropped dramatically and pilots could now haul around the beast in the sky without worrying about loss of control. In fact, some pilots felt that the soft wing F-4E flew just like the Northrop T-38 Talons used in advanced flight training." I am also pretty sure that the Adverse yaw issue was not straightened out in the F-100 by adding a larger tail surface. If you read John Boyd's biography you will see that he figured out how to fly the Hun much like the F-4 guys did. MOG_Gunfighter
  10. F-14 Tomcat vs. F/18 E/F Super Hornet

    Fine, I'll shut up then lol.......Thank you for correcting me!! MOG_Gunfighter
  11. F-14 Tomcat vs. F/18 E/F Super Hornet

    I get what you are saying, but it was for which was the better airframe.......now I will ask this: for what??? If you want which one is the better overall airframe for all missions then the F/A-18 wins. If you want pure interceptor with a 100NM+ range with missiles then the F-14 wins. Past that there is not much that the F-14 can do better. I read a story once where a hot s**t pilot flew an F-14 against 2 F-15's at Red Flag and won, and he flew it with full flaps and landing gear down and such, and you know what........SWEET!!!! However, the Bug can do all of this, and it can bomb, and it is better on maintenance, it is just a better aircraft for our military. :)
  12. F-14 Tomcat vs. F/18 E/F Super Hornet

    I agree witht he two above statements in English. I appologize for not being able to understand much in the first few posts but I think I have a handle on it. The Navy did retire it's F-14 fleet for two reasons. Yes the airframes were old, but even when new they were brand new they were maintenance intensive birds. That's the main reason why the Blue Angels had to go with he F/A-18; they actually wanted the F-14 for the demo team but found it way too heavy maintenance and expense load to justify it. The F-14 was greater in range and long range missile shots, but the F/A-18 is a superior frame for the ground attack role, more maneuverable, and is far easier to maintain from both a technical standpoint and a financial one. I say this gritting my teeth because I love the F-14 almost as much as I love the F-4, another plane that was great for the times but was easily superseded by admittedly better aircraft (Hornet and Tomcat). The Bug can easily step into the A2A role as one of the most maneuverable fighters to ever fly, and even though it doesn't have to "dialing long distance" capabilities of the Tomcat, it has the same excellent medium and short range capabilities as every other fighter in the US inventory has had since the F-4. And let's be honest, the US has never had a fighter other than the F-14 that had the kind of reach out potential the Phoenix provided. The Hornet is literally as capable as an F-15 in A2A and every bit as capable as the F-16. Hell, I'll even go so far as to say that if the USAF had bought the YF-17 instead of the Viper the JSF would not be a thought, and the F-22 would not be in production, and all of our air services would have upgraded to F/A-18 E's and F's from F/A-18 A's and C's about now for the common airframe that the USAF, USN, and USMC are looking for now. Without question the F/A-18 is the better all around airframe. My opinion only of course :) MOG_Gunfighter
  13. The rudder thing is a Phanton thing, and an F-100 thing. It was an adverse yaw thing, and the Phantom had similar issues as the F-100 in this regard. Every book I have read that a pilot talks about flying the Rhino has in there at some point that you use the rudder to roll this aircraft, not the ailerons. The best explanation of this is in Palace Cobra, Ed Rasimus wrote it about his second tour to Vietnam. He goes into great detail about adverse yaw and the Phantom. MOG_Gunfighter
  14. Uh OH

    I don't know how to add vids or I would have done so; has anyone seen the two jocks with the two girls in the back and they do the same move while one of the girls is puking in a bread bag? Hilarious. If anyone knows it put it up!
  15. Also, how fast were you going? Corner speed at 500mph is about like a bombers, after you bleed speed down you'll be able to turn much tighter.

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