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FS 2004 Hops.

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Ive been playing alot of LOMAC lately but Ive been wanting to get some FS 2004 hops in. Anyone interested in doing some hops say from NY to the Fl Keys or something like that let me know.


I have to reinstall FS 2004 today sometime, but Im hoping to get all my stuff finished this week. I know some of you like military aircraft as I do. Ill be moving to a 4 bedroom townhouse an my wife has been nice enough to give me my own computer room. I have some big plans for this room. Im gonna build a couple of servers. I have one server for LOMAC now but I would like to host a FS9.


If anyone likes alittle AA/AG Im currently running an 8x8. Theres alot of SA Threat for both sides. A-10s an F-15s vrs SU-25s, 27s an 29s. Its a pretty fun mission. The server doesnt run 24/7 but as soon as I get home I turn it on. Its not passworded so you can join thru Hyperlobby. Its the 44th server an I would suggest reading the brief before clicking the fly button.


I can normally fly from about 8pm EST to whenever. Anyone interested let me know plz.




Semper Fi

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