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  1. Just saying hello

    Hey there just saying hello. Finally finished our move an it seems it was more than I thought. Seems everyone has a bad back when your asking that fatal question whatcha doing this weekend. Anyways was reading the forums nice to see all the faces. Chief Ill get ya for that dancing partner remark but you remember why the navy guys wear theyre nametags on the back of theyre trousers dont ya. LOL. Anyways should be back to norm quick take care guys an if anyone is headed bck to Iraq be careful. Semper Fi Creepy847
  2. Full Spectrum Warrior Demo

    Picked up the full version afew days ago. If you havent played this game yet make sure you try out the demo. Id say this is one of the best games Ive ever played plain an simple. If you like tactics an being a fireteam leader or sqd ldr your gonna love this. The graphics are top notch an I havent found any bugs but I dont think Ive been paying much attention. The game is pretty intense an difficult. Ive been getting my fire tm killed alot an thats on girlscout difficulty. R/S Creepy847 Semper Fi.
  3. Overclocking video cards

    Hey Raptor, As far as overclocking my card I use the Rage Tweek. You can find alot of software mods at http://guru3d.com/ They have all the tweeks on this site for both ATI an Nvidia. Depending on which card you get. Some of the programs will add a tab in your advanced display properties called Overclocker an others will install a overclocking interface along with a tweeking interface where you can make mulitiple changes to your config. Heres a link to some of the 3rd party utilities: http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?id=13 As far as overclocking video theres really not that much to gain from that unless you can really go high. Of course then you risk damaging your card for afew extra frames. Some folks push the card when theyre benchmarking but other than that its not that much of a gain in reg gaming as far as Im concerned. Ive seen some gain but not enough to brag about. Even tho the card can be the same manufacture an specs it may have different results than its brother. Some cards like chips even tho exact same specs overclock better or worse. Alittle luck helps there. I havent seen anything that allows you to overclock the video thru the bios. As far as overclocking the FSB I doubt it has much of an effect on the video. You may get better performance but thats probably because the processor an memory is working faster. Youll noticed after overclocking the video that some games might have graphic issues like snow flakes or texture dropouts. Youll have to exp with your games to find that sweet spot. Each game might be alittle different. I would say if your gonna get a state of the art high end card you probably wont need to overclock it. The latest generation cards are plenty fast enough to push games now without overclocking them. I doubt youll see much of a gain in reg gaming apps. If you need any help when you get your system send me an email. I do this sort of thing all day. Next Monday Im building a system worth 8 grand for a designer FX-53 with Raptors an god knows what else havent seen the complete list of parts but its just about 8 grand so I would say its the fastest system Ill ever build. My buddy an I will run it for afew days before delievery an we both intend on benchmarking the s**t out of it before delievery. Ill post the results an specs of this system in the hardware forum. R/S Creepy847 Semper Fi.
  4. Hey faust Ill make this quick as I dont have much time this morning. Theres a couple of ways either by adding the mods by pasting them into your C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Eagle Dynamics\Lock On\Bazar\temptextures, or using a program called LoMan Lockon Manager 2.1 final. Ive read afew threads that state its better to use the Loman Manager instead of manuly pasting them into your temptextures. Its believed that if you add to many mods to the temptextures it can slow your performance down in Lomac not sure if its true or not. Using the manager makes its much easier to install an uninstall mods so I would use that program. Using the Manager is pretty easy as it does everything for you. Using Winzip or Winace downlod the addon you want an install it into the Loman Manager addon folder. Then start the loman manager an click on addon manager. You will see the addons you installed. Now at the top right click install. This will install the mod you want. Some mods will be added normally some will be added to the temptextures as they are not compatible with the loman Manager but they should still work. You will probably find the Loman Manager on this site under Lomac mods so install that. Im pretty sure theres a readme file there somewhere. Good luck. Sorry this is so quick but Ive got some kids that need to catch a bus to school. R\S Creepy847 Semper Fi.
  5. Full Spectrum Warrior Demo

    Installed this a couple of days ago. I have to admit I like the game play an I typically dont care for 3rd person view games but Im hoping theres a first person option. Havent read alot about the game but its pretty interesting what theyre doing. You can try downloading it from here: http://www.gamershell.com/news/17320.html http://www.3dgamers.com/games/fullspecwarrior/ Heres some info on the game if your unfamiliar with it. http://pc.gamespy.com/pc/full-spectrum-war....html?fromint=1 Raptor I think it was you that was talking about this in another thread if it was could you tell me if they are planning a 1st person view. Thx. R/S Creepy847 Semper Fi.
  6. COD: United Offensive

    Bought it today its pretty fun. Driving the tanks around an blasting guys is a laugh. Single player was set on wimpy an I was still getting hit pretty good overall some pretty good fun. R/S Creepy847 Semper Fi.
  7. Unreal Bullshiiii

    Well Ill be honest Ive never voted. Why cause Im a warrior I dont care about politics I choose my profession an it had nothing to do with politics I led my Marines with the mission of killing the enemy an completing my mission. Did I always think the mission was right? No there were plenty of times where every single NCO an officer said this is screwed. I dont believe in letting my fellow Marines get killed for nothing fighting for a town then turning around an retrograding bck is not something Marines like to do or any other member of combat arms. Its a waste of lives an resources to take then give back when you know it needs to be kept. Chief I respect you alot an I can understand where your coming from, but your billet in the Navy had nothing to do with walking down dangerous streets so in a way I have a much better idea of what some of the current grunts might be feeling. Yes Im sure theres grunts out there that will say Kerry is a fag or a traitor an that Bush is a better CnC, but Im sure thats not the majority. I can honestly say that there was very few that cared about who the CnC was in my units. In peacetime I might have thought about it from time to time because of benefits or other similair reason. During war in the infrantry guys dont care about CnCs at least my friends an I didnt. I guess if you sitting on your ass all the time or not actually getting shot at you might sit around reading Time or Newsweek but thats not the case when you have to patrol day in day out an your wondering how the hell am I gonna react when the s**t hits the fan. Am I trained enough an brave enough not to panic when I get shot at. You worry more about how your gonna support your team an much less about politics an who was in NAM or who ducked in the NG. As long as we were paid fed an equipped the majority of us didnt think too much about it. Believe me when you set off on patrol the last think your concerned with is who the CnC is an if you are thinking alot about who the CnC is then I would say your head is too far up your ass an I would prefer you not going on patrol with me. I guess my point is this. Neither one of these candidates are much better than the other. We could argue for days well Bush is this an Kerry is that. The real issue isnt whos the better candidate the issue here is whats the long term goal for Iraq an are we on the right path to get there. I know alot of Vietnam Vets that are supporting Kerry that were actually PLT Cmdrs in the grunts. Think about it alot of servicmen knew that the war there was going to be lost at home an bleed over to Vietnam. Did Kerry really do something so terrible by explaining that the war there was spiraling out of control. Is that wrong, does that make his a terrible US Citizen or a terrible candidate for US President. I would surely hope not. Hell his statements might have saved another 10,000 servicemens lives. Whos to say. Is President Bush the best leader out there cause he invaded Iraq. Hell the last I heard Bin Laden was in Afgan. We got rid of Saddam tied up 1000s of our troops there when we really need them in Afgan. Never bite off more than you can chew. I have to remember there were WMDs all over Iraq that possed a grave an potentional threat to us. Dont let the smoke cloud your eyes to whats really out there. This war was started with alot of backdoor politics. Lying, deception an other backdoor politics is why we are we we are right now. The world is never going to be just like us an they shouldnt have to be. We will be hated by many but that is never a reason to go to war. Its pretty amazing that Rumfeld was on TV almost everyday for weeks talking about how well the invasion was going. You dont see him too much now. I wonder why. The middle east is very complicated Ive spent some time there an its much different than one can imagine. The entire social structure is hard to comprehend never mind trying to impose laws on them with a slap on the wrist. If they dont feel safe with our pressence they will find ways to get us out. They wont defeat us on the battle field in full scale but they can make us loose by using tactics that scare the American people. Sooner or later folks here are gonna start asking the real questions. What are we doing what is our long term goals how much is this gonna cost us an why arent we killing these insurgents when we know exactly where they are. I have a feeling that if the election was a year out from now Bush would be in alittle trouble with the way things are going in Iraq. Our entire goverment better start working together so we see some light at the end of the tunnel instead of spending some much time on the he said she said side of politics. If this took place in the 40s we would be speaking German now. It took place during the 60s an look what happened. Im not speaking for everyone its just amazing that alot of people here dont see whats going on over there. Nothing is ever as good or bad as people as people say, but its a clear picture right now that things are changing for the worse there right now an even tho alot has to do with the elections coming soon for both countries the insurgents are growing in number an its predicted that they could be around 20,000 soon. When you take into consideration that these folks are well armed not uniformed an using tactics our troops cant defend against you start seeing that there might be serious issues ahead. You dont kill a snake biting spitting on it you cut off its head. Isreal is the only country in the current times that carries out policies that actually work against this type of threat. And they still catch s**t from the world because of that. China isnt too bad either. I believe yesterday they excuted a number of high CEO's that were found guilty of white collar crimes. Now thats what I call making an example. When you get in a s**t fight you better expect to smell like s**t when its over if you intend on winning. Theres one thing for sure this administration is never gonna smell like a bed of roses if they expect to win this.. An lets face it if I was having to worry about being blown up or gunned down at every intersection, overpass and road junction I can assure you this I would probably start hoping that the next CnC had plans to get my ass out of there for good. The sooner the better cause I dont care who you are once you start seeing afew of your friends killed or wounded youll start thinking about going home more an that can be a bad thing for your sqds. Have to remember a high number of troops in Iraq now are not the battle harderend Grunts of the Army an Marines. These are NGs units augmenting the rifle companies. We see this war thru words an video its much different for the young men an women that deal with the horrors of war. If you have never seen your friends body ripped apart by enemy fire then you have no idea an never will. You will be forever changed by that event an in alot of cases it will be for the worst. Ill be honest I dont care who the next CnC is. Whoever he is he better handle Iraq an the other threats alittle better than the way Iraq is currently being handled. When you start hearing a Cmd Marine General questioning our tactics there you can bet your money theres some problems. I agree with you Scout the the NCOs are the backbones of any units. Good officers an NCOs will keep unit aggressive an capable. Thats really not the issue we have that already what we dont have is a policy an clear cut mission. We are giving up the towns that we have fought for to insurgents that are growing in number. This is not because of bad Officers or NCOs at least not at the combat level. This is policy issue that better be addressed. As far as armor goes the more the better but when your Hummer or Bradley runs over 250lb IED theres very little thats gonna do, same for the Bradley. These insurgents have access an time to plant some nasty devices when an where they want to. Some of you AWingers know what the killing radius of a 250lb bomb imagine driving over that or next to that in a hummer. Do you really think a Hummer or Bradley is survive that? Just the other day an Iraq sucide bomber crashed his car into 2 humves an killed 7 US troops. Hell thats enough Im nolonger feeling pissed off. R/S Creepy847 Semper Fi.
  8. Unreal Bullshiiii

    I would bet this. I highly doubt the troops give a good rats ass about whos the CnC. At least the ones walking or driving on patrols. Only people that matter is the guy on your right an left. Men worry about things like "When are we going home" an is this mission obtainable. Lets face it theres no body armor thats gonna stop an IED when your 5 meters away walking or riding in a Humvee. From a social standpoint the US was not prepared to deal with all the social issues of an occupied Iraq plain an simple. Saddam controlled Iraq with share power an the share shock tactics. Thats the only way you control a country when you occupy. Thats been the way for hundred of years. The Romans did it the Japs did it the Germans did it the Russians did it the Brits did it an we did it too during WW2. We did it to a certain point during the Korean War but guess what theres stilll a DMZ an lets not even talk about Vietnam. Yes as far as a conventional battle we win but we still havent learned that it takes alot more than B-1s an M-A1s to occupy a country. Excutions were a way to show the people that we would not tolerate any type of terrorists or covert actions against our occupying forces. The world has changed now with the media all over the place with Sat uplink the ugly images of war are only seconds away from being broadcast all over the world. Ill quote from one senior Diplomat in Baghdad. "This idea of a functioning democracy here is crazy. We thought that there would be a reprieve after sovereignty, but all hell is breaking loose. If thats not a clear picture of whats really going on over there then you need to get on a plane an fly there an walk thru the streets of Fallujah with a US Flag t-shirt. Either way Iraq is a mess an its getting worse. Surely it has alot to do with the elections in the US in Nov an the Iraq elections in Jan or Feb but still its only gonna get worse. Theres a number of towns there now that US troops avoid, the troops call them no-go-areas an that list is getting longer. Lets see the following cities are lost to iinsurgent enclaves: Fallujah Ar Ramadi Baqubah Samarra These are still consider highly dangerous Nasiriya Balad Tikit Mosul Theres no security force an no local goverment in Fallujah right now. A senior military official in Baghdad states "We would get attacked constantly. Forgot about it. Colin Powell actually said this to Bush when they were talking about invading Iraq. You do this an you own it. If it breaks you have to fix it. Well theres alot of breaks now an I would say its time for Washington to start rethinking its objectives. A respected author "Andrew Krepinevich" who wrote "The Army an Vietnam" says "What we see is that the U.S. military is not trained or organized to fight insurgencies. That was a deliberate choice after Vietnam. Now we are paying the price. Now theres a flood of educated Iraqis trying to get out of Iraq. Is that a good sign? You dont invade a country the size of Texas with 150,000 when it takes 250,000 to invade an Island (Iwo Jima) which is smaller than the state of RI. I would say that this might possibly be one of the greatest U.S. blunders in our country history. Anyone wanna occupy Iraq for 10 years like we did in Vietnam an then turn around an say ahh hell we've lost the peoples support back home lets get out of this mess. An what price will Iraq cost us in terms of blood an cash? Even more if we dont employ strategy an tactics to win. Ill be damned if I want to send my sons an daughters there only to have them killed an then have our nation turn around an withdraw because we failed to think this thru an make the changes we needed to make when things didnt work. There are enough signs there now that clearly show that we need to rethink what we are doing an how we are doing it. I hope Im wrong but our sons an daughters are worth alot more to this country than sending them to Iraq to get killed or maimed for a failing policy. R/S Creepy847 Semper Fi.
  9. Unreal Bullshiiii

    Found this on the homepage of CNN tonight. The founder of the group Texans for Truth said Tuesday that he is offering $50,000 to anyone who can prove President Bush fulfilled his service requirements, including required duties and drills, in the Alabama Air National Guard in 1972. This is pretty much going too far. We are at war an its getting pretty ugly for the men an women deployed an we have groups like this one an same as the SWIFT BOATS FOR TRUTH fueling the fire. Id like to get off the NAM an National Guard thing now. Iraq is getting worse we need to starting forgetting this s**t an focus on whats important. How to get Iraq stable enough so most of our troops can get out an let Iraq do its thing. Everyone wants theyre man to get in so fcking bad. Lets just have the damn vote let the people decide on theyre own merit an stop this he said she said bulls**t. Someone should step in an remind the entire group Dems an Reps that we'd better starting thinking serious about whats important. Middle East is a mess an N.K. needs to be addressed. It wont be long before our troops start getting mixed messages about theyre mission in Iraq. Occupation duty is never good for any armed force even more the Americans cause every other country is waiting for us to screw something up. Let November come soon we need to get this thing over with. R/S Creepy847 Semper Fi.
  10. FS 2004 Hops.

    Ive been playing alot of LOMAC lately but Ive been wanting to get some FS 2004 hops in. Anyone interested in doing some hops say from NY to the Fl Keys or something like that let me know. I have to reinstall FS 2004 today sometime, but Im hoping to get all my stuff finished this week. I know some of you like military aircraft as I do. Ill be moving to a 4 bedroom townhouse an my wife has been nice enough to give me my own computer room. I have some big plans for this room. Im gonna build a couple of servers. I have one server for LOMAC now but I would like to host a FS9. If anyone likes alittle AA/AG Im currently running an 8x8. Theres alot of SA Threat for both sides. A-10s an F-15s vrs SU-25s, 27s an 29s. Its a pretty fun mission. The server doesnt run 24/7 but as soon as I get home I turn it on. Its not passworded so you can join thru Hyperlobby. Its the 44th server an I would suggest reading the brief before clicking the fly button. I can normally fly from about 8pm EST to whenever. Anyone interested let me know plz. R/S Creepy847 Semper Fi
  11. Radeon X800 Pro.

    I try to but when I see something like that an Ive got cash burning in my pocket I just jump on it. As far as which card is better I guess that would depend on who you favor. Both cards offer pretty much the same gaming performance tho Nvidia says that they supports 9c as where the ATI doesnt. ATI states thats its not a big issue right now cause theres nothing out there really supporting full 9c an when it does both of these cards will be out of the loop. You could argue that point for days. Before you know it the next gen platform will be out an Im sure ATI will support that. Ive had both afew of each an I like both of them. Afew years back ATI was a bitch to get running with theyre driver issues. Now its a different story. Anyways read my thread if you havent already about the ATI bios flash. I did it afew days back an it works. got a default setting 12677 for BM 2003 without the overdrive enabled compared to the default setting X800 Pro BM of 10,700. Guess youll have more thinking to do. R/S Creepy847
  12. My Computer

    Raptor that sounds like a kick ass package right there. Everything on there is top notch an that price is excellent. 1. Antec Super Lanboy: Nice case I prefer a taller case but I usually have 4 different drives installed an theres a heat issue that I like to deal with by having a taller case. The price is excellent an it looks like a quality mid ranger case. 2. Ultra Xconect 500W PSU: Wow beauty. I use a 550 but that should def suffice. Specs show that you should have a min of 480 with the 6800 Ultra not sure with the GT but I always try to get a high watt PS. The looks of that are kick ass. 3. AMD FX-53 Socket 939: Kick ass. Just bought a 64bit 3000 for my server Thursday. 4. MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum: Kick ass board we've got one in the shop an Ive seen afew gaming monkeys drooling over it when they come in. 5. Leadtek NVidia GeForce 6800 GT w/ 256 MB DDR3: Great card an it comes with 16 pipe lines compard to the 12 of the X800 Pro. You have read my post on the bios flash which turned my Pro into a XT PE. it works read my post if your interested. 6. Audigy 2 ZS: Great 7. Corsair XMS PC3200 RAM 512 Mb x2 (1 Gb total): My buddy runs it an it clocks pretty good. Geil, OCZ an Mushkin offer some good deals too. 8. Seagate 120 Gb HD, 7200 rpm: Well if money an storage space isnt an option I would go with a WD Raptor 74 gig. At 10,000 RPM its alot performance without actually going SCSI. The prices are still high on these drives an I believe they only come in 36gig an 74. 9. NEC 8x DVD+/-RW x2: Great. 10. Zalman Copper CPU Heatsink: Havent used one of these but it sounds good from the specs let me know how it works out for ya. 11. Thermaltake 120mm Blue LED Case fan: Well if you like all the pretty lights I guess this is good for you. 12. Klipsch ProMedia 5.1 Ultra: Not sure what your paying for the Klipsch. I have Klipsch for my own system an everyone that comes over here says the sound great. I normally have a headset on so I dont get to use there full potential. :-( Also take a look at the Creative Labs Gigaworks 7.1 if you have the cash. These are rated pretty high. 13. Windows XP Pro: All my own systems use Pro.
  13. ATI Radeon X800 Pro to a XT.

    I did finish the benchmark an my score went from 10766 to 12800. Not a bad gain. Ive been playing some games since Ive come home. Doom 3, MS-2004, Lomac, HL2 CS beta source an so far no issues what so ever 100% stable. If I have any issues Ill post here for anyone interested. R/S Creepy847 Semper Fi.
  14. If anyone is interested a buddy of mine is selling his Radeon 9800 XT 256 Meg for 250.00. The card is 3 months old. Its still alot of card considering the prices of the X800 Pro the a XT800. You can email him if your interested. lcs3@lcsusa.com R/S Creepy847 Semper Fi.
  15. ATI Radeon X800 Pro to a XT.

    Scout I understand as there are always risks involved with flashing the bios. Its a personal risk you have to take. The choice is yours. Today I reflashed the bios of my X800 Pro using the guide lines under the links on this thread an it worked. The card now is a full fledged Radeon X800 XT Platinum Edition. Im benchmarking the card now an already I can see a def performance gain as I expected. I would caution anyone thinking about this to read the forums in length to get familiar with the actual results are an the issues with the bios flash. Everyone results will vary so I urge anyone thinking about this to research the forums. Good Lucky. Creepy847 Semper Fi.

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