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Red Shark 2 Announced

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Here's the email I received from Andrey today.




I'm glad to announce our new project. Below is the press-release.


Red Shark 2: The history is in danger again!


Developer G5 Software and publisher IDDK are glad to announce the development of the helicopter arcade "Red Shark 2" - a sequel to the thrilling forerunner "Red Shark". The game is going to be a worthy successor of the first part's traditions and proceed with the idea of time correction. 


The Russian fighting helicopter Ka-50, which in "Red Shark" was sent back to WWII to help allied troops in fighting against invaders, changed not only the course of The Second World War but also the lives of its participants.


Hans Hossman - a young physicist of the Third Reich - while being still a child became a witness of one of the time correction's steps. Through all his life he bore the recollection of that dread envoy from the future. During the post-war years Hossman managed to develop his own time machine and went back to the times of Hitler's Germany. There he used his genius for constructing fantastic for those times weapons in order to change the result of The Second World War.


By the year of 2013 time traveling became in charge of the Planetary Anti-terror Organization. It gets to know about Hans' insidious plans and starts an operation trying to prevent Hossman from changing the outcome of the war.


Playing "Red Shark 2", you will have to become a pilot of a fighting helicopter and take part in all the key steps of this operation including legendary battles of WWII: rescue and scout missions, fierce air battles, backing of land and naval operations.


The development of "Red Shark 2" is being carried out by Russian development studio HBM for G5 Software and is based on "Red Shark" technology. The game will be published in Russia by IDDK. Publishers abroad yet to announced.


Key features:


Actions take place in Europe, Pacific and Mediterranean regions.

Three available types of fighting helicopters: Ка-50 Hokum, AH-64A Apache, PAH-2 Tiger;

Opportunity to use diverse types of weapons: guided and unguided missiles, gun, machine-gun.

Land and naval units take part in battles from both sides.

And all that is accompanied by encouraging music! 


Game Web-site: http://www.redshark.g5software.com



G5 Software is one of the leading Russian game development studios. The company was founded in 2001 in Moscow and now employs over 60 people and 20 contractors. G5 Software develops world class computer, video, and mobile games for international market. G5 Software is known for its PC titles: Red Shark (Helicopter arcade, release: 2002), Fair Strike (Helicopter action/simulation, release: 2003), The Stalin Subway (FPS, in development, release: Q1 2005), The Cuban Missile Crisis (RTS, in development, release: Q4 2004).




IDDK Group was established in 1995 and specializes in development, distribution and publishing of games and multimedia production for PC. This is one of the first companies, which began to publish licenced products on CDs in Russia. IDDK produces about to 100 multimedia products a year and number of game titles permanently grows.





Sincerely yours,


Andrey Akimov


G5 Software

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