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Just had a read (again) through this Forum. It's been quite a while since I last read it, probably years.


And (as always) I was struck by the breath of knowledge and detail contained within. It truly is a gem, rich, factual and highly illuminating. Well worth folks taking the time to read it. Does much to enhance our sim.


For excample Bletchley's analysis of engines really is an eye-opener. WWI engines are often protrayed as simple and rudimentary. But Bletch does a great job of showing just how sophisticated they were, and how creative were the early engine manufacturers were. An example of this is Bristol's 'Altitude Compensator' was a most ingenious attempted solution to the problem posed by the rarified air of higher altitudes at which aeroplanes fought as the War progressed.


Shame the Forum is tucked away out of sight.

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I agree Pips, the KB forum truly is a wealth of information. And funny you should mention the Bristol's altitude compensator and Bletchley's comments on it. A new discussion about this just began again over at The Aerodrome and I mentioned one of Bletchley's outstanding outline on the subject:


Altitude Compensator







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