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Yak-28 Family Bombs pack for SFP1

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Yak-28 Family Bombs pack for SFP1

Yak-28 Family Bombs pack for SFP1


This pack containts some bombs from SF2 weapons pack, converted to SFP1/WOx format.


Yak-28, Yak-28B, Yak-28I, Yak-28L (SFP1 ver.) will use this pack.




- unpack archive to temp. folder


- copy effects to Effects folder


- open MISSILEOBJECT.INI in obects folder


- add from ALL text from effects.txt to MISSILEOBJECT.INI


or replace MISSILEOBJECT.INI by new file.


- copy weapons to Weapons folder


- open weaponeditor, weapondata.ini, click 'merge', select Yak-28_bombs.ini


bombs list: (see also original SF2 soviet bombs pack readme for details )


8U69 5KT Nuclear Bomb


AGITAB-250-85 Leaflet Bomb


AGITAB-500-300 Leaflet Bomb


BRAB-220M Armor Piercing Bomb


BRAB-500M Armor Piercing Bomb


BRAB-1000M Armor Piercing Bomb


DAB-100-80F 80-kg Smoke Bomb


DAB-100-90FM 90-kg Smoke Bomb


DOSAB-100-70B Day Marking Bomb (White)


DOSAB-100-80Ch Day Marking Bomb (Black)


DOSAB-100-80K Day Marking Bomb (Red)


DOSAB-100-80Z Day Marking Bomb (Green)


DOSAB-100-85Zh Day Marking Bomb (Yellow)


FAB-250-230 230-kg Bomb


FAB-250 M46 250-kg Bomb


FAB-250 M54 250-kg Bomb


FAB-250 M54TU 250-kg Bomb


FAB-250TS 250-kg Bomb


FAB-500 M46 500-kg Bomb


FAB-500 M46TU 500-kg Bomb


FAB-500 M54 500-kg Bomb


FAB-500 M54TU 500-kg Bomb


FAB-500Sh 500-kg Bomb


FAB-500TS 500-kg Bomb


FAB-1500 M46 1500-kg Bomb


FAB-1500 M54 1500-kg Bomb


FAB-1500Sh 1500-kg Bomb


FAB-1500ShA 1500-kg Bomb


FAB-3000 M46 3000-kg Bomb


FAB-3000 M54 3000-kg Bomb


FAB-3000 M54-TGA 3000-kg Bomb


FAB-1500-1640 M54-MS 1640-kg Bomb


FAB-1500-2600TS 2600-kg Bomb


FOTAB-100-60 Photoflash Bomb


FOTAB-100-80 Photoflash Bomb


FOTAB-250-215 Photoflash Bomb


FZAB-250 250-kg Bomb


FZAB-500 500-kg Bomb


KhAB-100-80S M46 Chemical Bomb


KhAB-1500-965S M46 Chemical Bomb


KhAB-250-150S M46 Chemical Bomb


KhAB-500-280S M46 Chemical Bomb


NOSAB-100-70B Night Marking Bomb (White)


NOSAB-100-80K Night Marking Bomb (Red)


NOSAB-100-80Z Night Marking Bomb (Green)


NOSAB-100-85Zh Night Marking Bomb (Yellow)


OFAB-100M 100-kg Bomb


OFAB-100NV 100-kg Bomb


OFAB-100NVTU 100-kg Bomb


OFAB-100-120 120-kg Bomb


OFAB-250-270 270-kg Bomb


OFAB-250-270TU 270-kg Bomb


OFAB-250Sh 250-kg Bomb


P-50 Practice Bomb


P-50-75D Day Practice Bomb


P-50-75N Night Practice Bomb


RBK-100 AO-1 Cluster Bomb (AP)


RBK-250-170 MA-3 Cluster Bomb (Mines)


RBK-500-225 PTAB-2.5 Cluster Bomb


RBK-250 AGIT Cluster Bomb (Leaflet)


RBK-250 AO-1 Cluster Bomb (AP)


RBK-250 AO-10-6.5St Cluster Bomb (AP)


RBK-250 AO-10 SCh Cluster Bomb (AP)


RBK-250 AO-2.5-2 Cluster Bomb (AP)


RBK-250 AO-2.5 SCh Cluster Bomb (AP)


RBK-250 AZh-2 Cluster Bomb (AP)


RBK-250 PTAB-2.5 Cluster Bomb (AT)


RBK-250 PTAB-2.5-1.5 Cluster Bomb (AT)


RBK-500 ZAB-2.5 Cluster Bomb (Incendiary)


RBK-250 ZAB-2.5T Cluster Bomb (AP)


RBK-500-255 PTAB-10-5 Cluster Bomb


RBK-500-375 AO-10 Cluster Bomb (AP)


RBK-500 ShOAB-0.5 Cluster Bomb


SAB-100-90 Flare Bomb


SAB-100MN Flare Bomb


SAB-100MP Flare Bomb


SAB-250-180MF Flare Bomb


SAB-250-200 Flare Bomb


SAB-500-350 Flare Bomb


SAB-500-350R Flare Bomb


ZAB-100-105 Incendiary Bomb


ZAB-100-114 Incendiary Bomb


ZAB-250-130V Incendiary Bomb


ZAB-250-200 Incendiary Bomb


ZAB-500-350 Incendiary Bomb


ZAB-500-350R Incendiary Bomb


ZAB-500-400 Incendiary Bomb


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Great pack!


the bombs loke very realistic and add a serious look to my russian aircraft.


however, I'am having trouble with the very last bombs, the ZAB (incendiary) class.


the last 5 bombs (ZAB-250-130v to the ZAB-500-400) don´t show on the aircraft supports.


has anyone had the same problem?

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