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  1. Nice plane, very good. However, the RWR it´s not working with me. I already check the avionics and everything looks right. But nobody evers shoots a radar guided SAM at this aircraft, no track, no lock. Maybe is built for stealth? If so, why the RWR? Even so, great work, congratulations.
  2. thanks for replying, well, since I have played this game so many times and for soo long, I can´t find the reason why suddendly something does not work. I thing I have stop playing WoE in November. And now I found this problem, strange... What changed in this time to justify this? Thats why I remember having uninstalled Emergency 4 and some related addons, but probably has no relation. I was hoping that maybe someone could have had this problem in the past in some form and pinpoint the reason. thanks for your pacience.
  3. Hello, I´am a big fan of Wings over Europe for a number of years. But lately a particular problem appears and maybe someone can help me. After running the weapon editor and opening the weapondata.ini we have the complete list of weapons available. but when I try to select any weapon the editor "freezes" and nothing happens. I can still play the game normaly but cant make any changes to the weapons or additions. I have a "theory"; a few months ago I unistalled some games of my harddrive and maybe some file relating to WoE could be lost or corrupted. In last resort, I can Install everything again but I was trying to avoid that because is a long process. Does anyone had this problem so far? And excuse any errors in my english. Icterio
  4. Great pack! the bombs loke very realistic and add a serious look to my russian aircraft. however, I'am having trouble with the very last bombs, the ZAB (incendiary) class. the last 5 bombs (ZAB-250-130v to the ZAB-500-400) don´t show on the aircraft supports. has anyone had the same problem?
  5. Hi all! After spending months customising WOE weapons, I've accidentally deleted my weapondata.ini file. Unfortunately, no backup is available. I've tried to undelete it using several file recovery tools to no avail. However, I still have the weapondata.dat file intact, containing the entire set of customised weapons. Is there any chance of somehow using this weapondata.dat to get the weapondata.ini file back. I know the .dat file creation process is usually one-way only, but might there be any way to make it work the other way around? Thanks a lot in advance!

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