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HOTAS configurations? Any consensus?

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I'm a newb with SF2 Israel, and it is very cool, much nicer graphics than any sim I have use (which means none recent). I decided to get an X45 HOTAS rig from ebay, and I love it. It was hard to find the drivers on Saitek, the script seems to have huge latency issues, you think it is done with nothing for you and I finally got X45 Windows 7 64bit drivers even though a search for X45 on the site returns NO HITS!


What I really love is the throttle has rudder control using 2 fingers and pots (not switches), but I have a lot of other controls that have no assignment and it seems like there should be some good advice from users who know some of the best suggestions.


I'm trying to put some thought in to it, like the 3-modes can toggle between air to air, air to ground and recon maybe, or I'm not sure...the Joystick has 2 triggers, so that one is dedicated to the gun. I use the top buttons to toggle which AA missiles, things like that, but I haven't figured out the radar controls yet and I thought maybe there is a typical HOTAS configuration with sage advice on having the radar controls on it?


If anyone needs help with a Saitek driver, let me know and I'll help you find it. It's a complex menu that is not intuitive at all.


I'm also seriously thinking that if there is more dedicated hardware, I would pay for a radar control console for sure!

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Well I'm not familiar with the layout of the X45 but on my X52pro I use one of the joystick hats to control the radar, I use side to side for next/previous radar target(HOME) and then up and down to cycle radar modes(PAGE UP/DN) and then another button beside the hat for lock(INSERT)


As for the 3 modes I use Nav mode, A-A mode, and A-G mode


You might want to check here http://combatace.com/files/category/51-sfwo-joystick-config-files/


Good luck.



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