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Basic naval threat library for RWR displays

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Basic naval threat library for RWR displays

This mod supplies generic RWR symbols that modders may use to represent ships. Until now, all ship radars would show up as <U> ("unknown") on TEWS-equipped aircraft. With this you will be able to distinguish between general categories of vessels.


This symbology is not meant to be 100% realistic, and does not display individual radar names or ship class names. Once you install the mod, when flying applicable aircraft around radar-emitting ships, you will see the following symbols on your RWR display:

  • PT = Patrol boat
  • FF = Frigate
  • DD = Destroyer
  • CC = Cruiser
  • LS = Amphibious assault ship
  • CV = Aircraft carrier
  • BB = Battleship
  • Æ = Aegis-equipped vessel

Please see the readme file for complete installation instructions and more details. Enjoy!


***Note that this ONLY works for the SF2 series; the first gen games don't support this sort of mod.***


As a bonus, I included a tga file with the official US Navy hull number fonts. Perhaps any other modders making ships will find it useful.


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