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  1. You might like this As well as high res screens of actual photos from the air war over Vietnam, it also rocks a lot of great 60's tracks The Stones, The Doors, America, Steppenwolf, The Box Tops etc... Sounds like this would be right up your street Pretty sure they got Credence in there too somewhere
  2. Game is patched to July 2011 I used SF2 Exp2 as my exe if that makes any difference? My install has all 4 SF games plus the two expansion packs. I also applied the Hydra Fix that you posted here http://combatace.com...post__p__509557 as the campaign would not load for me without this.
  3. Just FYI Spectre8750: I've started a few new campaigns in this recently, flying as both USMC and USAF. All seems to be working as designed for me. Mix of all sorts or red aircraft during missions. Sorry hrc, no idea why it's not working for you
  4. I've never done a campaign in the F-111, but this makes it sound like a lot of fun I think I'll have to give it a go.
  5. A Mirage 2000 would be great too. Do whichever you want to do
  6. Really? That's a fantastic offer A Mirage 5 would be nice, if you have time.
  7. Perfect. I've been tinkering with the desert campaigns for the last few days to get a more interesting mix of aircraft in them I've just put RAF Jaguars and Dhimari Mirages in there, and was toying with the idea of giving Dhimar Tornadoes. This is just what I wanted. Thanks wishmaster
  8. Anyone else having problems with the Cat extractor since the July patch? I've downloaded it from Thirdwire and installed it, but when I run it, nothing happens. Are we waiting for a July patch compatible version of it, or has the Extractor suddenly decided it does not like my system? I know I did have it working at an older patch level several months back (January I think, or it could have been May). Any ideas?
  9. I feel like a bit of a dumbass now. I was trying to launch something called TWGameexplorer, that I found in the Util folder in the SF2 directory. I assumed that was what TK had called the new cat extractor. Looking in the Utilities folder in the Thirdwire folder I can see the Cat extractor, and it works fine. Clear case of operator error Thanks for the reply.
  10. We have Bears? When did we get Bears? I want one.
  11. This. I've found that using the warp command, especially in a high threat environment like Modern Korea just puts me in a world of hurt. It will drop me somewhere already being lit up by fire control radars and with a whole bunch of Migs and/or SAMs bearing down on me. As boulder has stated, flying to the target allows you much better situational awareness. Also after a few missions you will start to remember where the enemy SAMs are situated, and can plan evasive routes around them. The mission will often generate a suicidal route right over high concentrations of the damn things. Get down low and the AAA is deadly, so I prefer to fly high, and use a roundabout route to avoid the worst of the SAMs, using ECM, chaff and evasive manoevers if I do get targeted. If you can hook up with any friendly flights heading in the same direction that might be useful too. Good luck Harryleith
  12. I run SF2 on an iMac no problem. Depending on what version of OSX you are running (at least 10.5 I think), you should have a utility called Bootcamp in your utilities folder. Use this to create a Windows partition on your HD, insert your Windows XP/Vista/7 installer disk and follow the instructions. Good luck EDIT: Just remembered, this will only work with a Mac that has an Intel processor.
  13. Buccaneer

    Been looking forward to the Buc for ages. That cockpit looks super sweet
  14. Maybe I didn't explain myself properly. gillg has several installed mods (eg. Modern Warfare Korea) made before the patch, that use cat files for menu images and sound (eg. for Korea it is called Module.MW.Korea.cat) Being that this cat file was packaged before the latest patch, I was suggesting using the old cat extractor to extract the pix and sounds from this menu cat, then create a menu folder in his mods folder, drop the stuff in and see if that would work.
  15. Forgive me if I've misunderstood - but the Korea, Taiwan and Falklands mods come with their own CAT file for the menu screens and music, don't they? TK has changed the format of the CAT files which means that a game patched up to the latest level will not read a CAT file packaged for an earlier version. You could try using the old CAT extractor to unpack the Menu CATS and stick them in your Mods folder.

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