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Phönix D.II

The Austro-Hungarian Phönix D.II was an improved version of the D.I, both of which appeared in 1917. The D.II included changes to the ailerons, elevators, and engine which improved the performance over the D.I. The Phönix was a stable plane and slow to maneuver but could handle steep dives and was considered an excellent fighter.


I have included a set of letter decals so you can set flight letters in the Loadout screen, or the game will randomly assign a different letter to each plane.


I have included my skinning templates so others can make new skins if they want. I have also included my .OUT files for the benefit of future modders.



My thanks to ojcar, who created the FM to capture the power and performance of this sturdy plane.


Historical Notes

I couldn't find any photos of the D.II cockpit. The cockpit of my model is based on the D.I with a little speculation. I believe it is reasonably accurate.


Installation instructions:

For FE1: Unzip the file and move the folder named "PhoenixD2" into the FirstEagles/Objects/Airplanes folder.


For FE2: Unzip the file and move the folder named "PhoenixD2" into the FirstEagles/Objects/Airplanes folder. Then in the FirstEagles/Objects/Decals folder, create a new folder named "PhoenixD2". Move the folder named "D" from the Airplanes/PhoenixD2 folder into the Decals/PhoenixD2 folder you just made.


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