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  1. Da Vinci's Flying Machine for First Eagles

    The more I work with First Eagles, the more impressed I am with the quality of TK's game engine. The parameters and methods built into the objects are so well thought out that the potential seems to be unlimited. His design makes it possible for VonS to create hyper-realistic flight modules and Geezer to make hyper-realistic planes - not to mention the many excellent skins, terrains, ground objects, and campaigns that are being produced. I am impressed that more than ten years later we are still finding new ways to apply his software. I am sure he never thought of something like this, but his design makes it possible. Even today, there is nothing primitive about First Eagles. The possibilities are limited only by how hard the modders are willing to work. We all owe TK our gratitude.
  2. Modders - whats on the list?

    LloydNB, Have you seen this web page? http://www.belgian-wings.be/Webpages/Navigator/Photos/MilltaryPics/interbellum/Breguet XIX A2-B2/Breguet 19A2B2 Frontpage.html
  3. I had some free time this week, so, just for fun I made one of Leonardo Da Vinci's flying machines. The wings, ropes, and pilot are all animated. The animations are tied to the engine, so you can use the throttle to control the flapping speed, and you can use "ctrl+I" to glide. You have to be careful when taking off or landing because the wing tips come very close to the ground. There is a cockpit view, but there isn't much to see except the pilot's hands. I tested it in both FE1 and FE2, in Easy and Normal modes. Put the folder named "DaVinci" into your Aircraft folder. DaVincisFlyingMachine.zip
  4. Skinpack for Rumpler C1/CIVs

    I love the detail. Thank you!
  5. SAML S.2 Revised

    When I made the SAML S.2, I actually tried to convert my Aviatik C.I into A SAML. I was focused only on the small details and didn't notice the big differences. When Ojcar was making the FM, he pointed out some major problems with the fuselage and wings and sent me some reference material. But I was in a hurry to get it uploaded so I made some tweaks and uploaded the plane anyway. During the last six weeks, I have pretty much rebuilt the entire plane. Today I uploaded a a revised version with a more correct fuselage and gunner station. I have also adjusted the placement of the wings and lower wing dihedral, along with many other revisions. I also corrected two gauges in the cockpit so they now give more accurate readings. The revision has all new LODs, revised skins, revised FM, new cockpit LOD, and revised Cockpit.ini. If you are using FE2, you only need to replace the Aircraft folder, the Decals folder is the same. Thanks to Ojcar for his help and continued support. Thanks also to Crawford for reminding me.
  6. why am I exploding when...

    The formation identified in the Nations.ini has to also be identified in the Formations.ini - if you replaced your Nations.ini and it's calling for "Formation.Fighter = Fighter3" then your Formations.ini needs to have a "Fighter3" defined in it. Also - depending on what Nations.ini you have, Austria-Hungary may show up as " K.u.K. Luftfahrtruppen" which is the Austrian name of their Air Service. In the Nations.ini, check the "DisplayName" line.
  7. First Eagles ScreenshotsThread

    I was flying a recon mission in my SPAD XI when I was attacked by a group of HB Star Strutters. I tried to turn under them, where they couldn't bring their guns to bear, but one of them managed to knock out my engine. My gunner got one in the belly as he passed over and he went down. I was able to make it a nearby valley and land, but was behind the Austrian lines. My wing man got away.
  8. First Eagles ScreenshotsThread

    I'm still enjoying Gterl's Italian terrain. I've spent the last two year's pretty exclusively in Galicia; it's refreshing to fly some planes I haven't flown for a while. (Emld's Hanriot HD1, my SPAD XI, Laton's Ansaldo SVA5)
  9. why am I exploding when...

    Lofty_c - as I recall, you are running FE2 - since the north sea terrain is working, it may be a problem with how you made the other installs. It might be best to remove the others and remake them. There's a thread that shows how to make multiple installs here: https://combatace.com/forums/topic/81423-setting-up-multiple-versions-of-fe2/?tab=comments#comment-652121 When you have a problem it helps us answer if you can remind us what version you're using, what terrain you're using, what plane you were flying, etc. The more you can tell us, the better we can understand the problem.
  10. Skin pack for Caudron G4

    Excellent skin, I like the level of detail.
  11. First Eagles ScreenshotsThread

    I must have hit his fuel tank because moments after this shot, the Nieuport exploded. My Phönix got clipped by a wing and I went down too.
  12. First Eagles ScreenshotsThread

    Gterl's Caporetto terrain has inspired me to dust off some planes I haven't flown for a while. (my Aviatik-Berg D.I, my Hansa-Brandenburg C.I, my Phoenix D.II, Laton's Phoenix KD.I)
  13. Pomilio PE Uploaded

    No, sorry. It means I'm hoping to spend some time actually playing the game!
  14. Pomilio PE Uploaded

    If I ever get back to the Spanish Civil War, I'll certainly make a Heinkel. But I've been neglecting the Real World since early November and there are things I need to do there. Also, to be honest, I want to spend some time flying in the Eastern and Italian Fronts.
  15. Pomilio PE Uploaded

    Today I uploaded the Polmilio PE - another Italian two seater to fly in Gterl's Caporetto terrain. The Pomilio PE was introduced in 1917 and was used for recon and light bombing missions. My plane features a fully functional cockpit, two skins with decals, and a small bomb loadout. My skinning templates are included. My thanks to Ojcar for making yet another great FM for this plane.

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