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Lloyd C.II

This is a complete revision of the Lloyd C.II with all new LODs, new skins, and improved decals. Ojcar has also improved the FM for this plane. Any skins that were made for the original version will not work with this version.


The Lloyd C.II was based on a pre-war Austro-Hungarian airplane but with a slightly shorter wingspan and the addition of a machine gun on a circular mount for the observer. The C.II featured a plywood body and swept-back, tapered wings and was used for reconnaissance and light bombing throughout the war.


The gun ring had limited movement, especially in the vertical direction, which I have tried to reproduce in my model. This will be a challenging plane to fly because you need to move the plane to bring enemy planes into range of the gunner. There is no gun for the pilot.


There are also two bomb loading options for light and heavy bombing runs. (We don't know if the Lloyd ever carried 50kg bombs, but we included the option anyway.)


I have included three skinning options, one with standard Austro-Hungarian markings from early in the war, and two from later in the war. I have included my skinning templates for those who want make their own skins.


I have included a set of serial numbers which will be randomly assigned to each plane. The numbers are fictitious, but in the correct range for the Lloyd C.II.


Ojcar made a new data.ini for this plane. He added the heavy bomb option to the loadout. The 6.5 Schwarzlose gun he created for the original plane is included, along with his instructions for loading the gun data ("DataReadMe.txt")


Great thanks to Ojcar, who made the excellent FM and who added some nice features to this plane.


Installation instructions:
This is a complete revision of the original Lloyd C.II. If you have the plane already, begin by deleting the Lloyd C.II from the Aircraft Folder, and (if you run FE2) from the Decals folder. Then install the new plane.


For FE1: Unzip the file and move the folder named "LloydC2" into the FirstEagles/Objects/Aircraft folder.


For FE2: Unzip the file and move the folder named "LloydC2" into the FirstEagles/Objects/Aircraft folder. Then in the FirstEagles/Objects/Decals folder, create new folder named "LloydC2". Move the folder named "D" from the Aircraft/LloydC2 folder into the Decals/LloydC2 folder you just made.


To install the gun:
This is the same gun that was included with the original Lloyd C.II. If you had the original plane, you don't need to install the gun. If this is your first install, follow the instructions below.


For FE1: Follow the instructions in Ojcar's DataReadMe.txt file. You'll have to make changes to the LloydC2_data.ini file.


For FE2: Follow the instructions in Ojcar's DataReadMe.txt file.


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