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This is for BeachAVR's request, based on Sixgun's Formations 1.1 for SFP1 (http://combatace.com...-formation-zip/)


Although there are a few new variables in SF2, concerning Element (2 ship, which could be you and your wingman), I wasn't able to find a way to give formation orders ONLY to your wingman.

So orders were implement like Sixgun did before, under the Flight1 (which is number 3 and 4) aircraft.


1. Added Formation radio command under Wingman.

2. Two different formations possible:

- High Cover: Which orders your number 2, and the second element (num 3 & 4) to take high cover around 5-6k feet above.

- Wingman High Cover: Which orders only your number 2 to high cover, keeping the 2nd Element in Fluid Four formation spots.


Works quite good actually. If you only have you and your wingman in the mission, you can order him to move high.

It also works correctly, even if the 2nd Element is given attack orders or they are already engaged. They will not answer your formation commands. So you can command just your Wingman.


Well there is something else I should mention.

There seems to be a bug, that when you order Flight1 to attack, your number 2 will act also and go after targets.

So you'll have to tell him to Rejoin, then you'll be correctly acting as elements again..



Both files go in to your MODFOLDER/Flight

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Guest BeachAV8R

Awesome.. I'm installing this right now! Many thanks.. I'll report back..



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