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Flottilj 22 Dhimar

Dhimar, 1959.


The Swedish Goverment, buying most of their oil from Dhimar has decided to deploy Fighters to the region of Dhimar to aid the defence of the Kingdom. This is the first war for the Swedes in 150 years...




This campaign will not overwrite anything, and is a minimal change from the SF2 Campaign.


It will add Division 22, a Swedish Squadron flying the J-29F Tunnan or the DLC J-34 Hawker Hunter in the defence of the Dhimari Empire

during the 59´ Campaign. The idea for this is from an AAR I posted with a custom made campaign, and some players of the game asked

for a playable copy, with a minimal of hazzle.


As such, all you need is included.


However, instead of the J-35A Upgrade, i decided to include a What-If "Field Refit" of the J-29F, nicknamed the JA-29D.

The campaign will upgrade to this aircraft in 1963, since I belive this is more plauable then new aircraft being sent down.


The J29F is made by Wrench, and the readme is included. Big thanks to him for supplying it.


To fly the J34 Hawker Hunter in the campaign, you must own the DLC. I really recommend picking it up.


That is about all...

Happy huntin!





- A Beta tester playing only in SF2 reported Cockpit problems with the J29F. A fix has been included to remedy this if it appears.


- Fixed a bug where the J-34 Hawker Hunter DLC would not appear in the Campaign.


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Bug found where J-34 Hawker Hunter is unavalible in the campaign. Working on it as we speak...


...and fixed. Uploading a new version. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Edited by JonathanRL

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