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Mig Fighter SAAF Mirage F1AZ Fighter/Bomber (SAAF Modified) SFP1

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Mig Fighter SAAF Mirage F1AZ Fighter/Bomber (SAAF Modified) SFP1

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Mig Fighter SAAF Mirage F1AZ hyper-accurate Fighter/Bomber (SAAF Modified) SFP1





This download includes a complete SAAF Mirage F1AZ fighter/bomber aircraft based on the Mirage Factory's stunning Mirage F1.- including the aircraft:

1. SAAF Bush war weapons,

2. Bush war sand/green Mirage F1AZ skin of No. 1 squadron No. 229

3. Nigel's later Bush war grey ghost skin,

4. SAAF two external tank skins of sand/green camo skin and aluminum 5. A dedicated Mirage F1CZ cockpit (the F1AZ and F1CZ have radically different cockpits befitting their dedicated roles and from reality).


It has been continually modified over time as newer equipment came in and older equipment broke down and needed to be replaced.



This was the SAAF's major fighter/bomber in the Angolan Bush War ("border war") in the mid 1980s against Mig-21s and Mig-23s.


The SAAF Mirage F1AZs fought numerous dogfights and at least damaged two Migs (but might have killed some). Rumors persist of other possible air-air victories much deeper into the politically sensive Angolan territory.








Update to the latest version of WOE...or just download a new WOE version and update it to the newest version.


Make sure you have the recent weapons pack downloaded such as Weapons Pack 2.52 named from 2%2e52 combat ace located at http://combatace.com/files/file/7791-weapons-pack-252-by-the-wosfp1-community/


if not download the weapons pack, make a folder named "weapons" in SPF1/Objects/ and add the contents od Weapons Pack 2.52 to it.


1) Copy and paste the RP35 and RP35a SAAF camo and aluminum external fuel tank skins (which is in the folders) into the SFP1/Objects/Weapons folder...overwrite when asked...you can always go back to the original Pave Penny Pod color by using the original "HTS PODS" folder included in this folder in this folder.


Almost all of the SAAF weapons are named "Bushwar" in some way in the loading screen.


2) Copy and paste the "HTS-POD" (which is in this download folder) into the SFP1/Objects/Weapons folder...overwrite when asked...you can always go back to the original pod color by using the original HTS POD folder included in this download.


3) Copy the contents of the weapons.ini file in this folder and paste (many were indigenously made in South Africa) in sequential order at the end of your weapons.ini in SFP1/objects/weapons.


4) Replace each XXXX with the next number sequentially. IE. if the last number in your weapons.ini before adding the below weapons was [WeaponData1652] then make the next number [WeaponData1653].


5) With the weapons editor open up the weapons.ini and open the last weapon and save. (The weapons editor is located at Thirdwire at

http:www.thirdwire.com/downloads_tools.htm. You probably need the one made after 2008 version if you have fully updated your sim.


6) Copy and paste the included whole SAAF Mirage F1 folder into your SFP1/objects/aircraft folder.It should work in all versions of SFP1 such as Wings Over Vietnam, etc.


Tested in WOE (but it may work in other versions as well).





Mirage Factory-for the original Mirage model, external fuel tanks and flight model.

You can download their original Mirage F1 here (it is not required for this download). You should visit their extraordinary site.








Foxmonter- for the base Mirage F1 cockpit based on the Dassault Super Etendard.



Mirage Factory for the base cockpit for the Mirage F1AZ from their Jaguar.



Nigel "ndicki" DickinsonFor the optional later grey ghost skin.


Bravo2009 for collecting weapons pack 2.52.



The SFP1 community for the HTS Pave Penny pod.


If I forgot anyone, it is not intentional and please tell me.


Ver. 1.0


Not for payware.




Richard "Pitts2A" Ordway


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Any hope for an SF-2 coversion?


Please .....






Yes, I have been mulling it. Right now I am trying to work on the terrain for it to fly over! I know (or think) that TK is working on a Mirage F1CZ...so I don't want to spoil his thunder...however, I don't think he is working on a Mirage F1AZ (radically different cockpit than the CZ fighter version).

Edited by ordway

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