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PBSS for Leased Servers

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Posted: Mon Nov 08, 2004 12:52 pm 




GoAmericasArmy is proud to bring you some of the most asked about features for GoAA.


Punkbuster Screen Shots [PBSS], Log streaming and Tournament mode now available on all GoAA Servers


Tournament mode - See the user's manual in the Help directory of the game for details on what the various options are and how to use it.


Punkbuster Screenshots - Punkbuster screenshots are enabled and users can see them by going to http://YourIP (actually enter your server IP, You can force a screenshot by using "admin pb_sv_getss Playername/playernumber" from the console while logged in as an admin. Note that the player number is the one given by pb_power. Screenshots are taken automatically by default. This feature is now permanent and will not be turned off. If you are a hacker, everyone will now know!!


****Please note that Punkbuster does not rotate the htm page properly so you will want to start at the end and work your way up.


Punkbuster log file streaming - details are at http://www.evenbalance.com/publications/aa...ndex.htm#remote Users are able to set the values for logging through the web interface.


Happy Hunting 

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This has been a long awaited correction to a problem that GoAA at SCI induced.


In the past, leased non-official servers were allowed more abilities to control their servers then groups that paid higher dollars for official ones. This has now changed for the better.


I honestly believe that the group AASA (AA Server Admins) thru alot of weight towards GoAA and SCI. They made a statement in the AAO Official forums about possibly pulling their servers away from SCI due to overwhelming complaints about support and features. The only downside to those servers was the loss of being "Official" meaning you would no longer gain honor.


Well, AASA and many other clans that rent servers from GoAA joined up and threatened to leave as well. This was going to hit SCI pretty hard in the wallet.


Money Talks.




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