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Voisin LAS - 2 pack

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Voisin LAS - 2 pack

The Voisin III was developed in 1914 and used throughout the war. It was produced in large numbers and was used by all the Entente powers. Although it was originally used as a fighter, reconnaissance, and ground attack plane, it was most commonly used as a bomber later in the war.


My version is the Voisin LAS with a full chord lower wing, a 9 cylinder water-cooled Salmson engine, and an 8mm Hotchkiss magine gun mounted on a tripod over the pilot.


Ojcar has created two data.ini's for the Voisin LAS, one for the 120hp engine, and one for the 150hp engine. For your convenience, I have created a completely separate plane for each. The models, decals and skins are the same, but the data.ini's and loadouts are different, with lighter bomb loads for the 120hp plane.


I have included three skinning options for each plane, identical except for the decals. The Italian Linen uses the Italian insignia with red and green underwing panels. The Russian Linen uses the Russian insignia and includes stripes on the tail planes. The Standard Linen can be used for all the other Entente powers. This plane uses the national markings that come with First Eagles, so you can easily change nationalities (in the Standard Linen skin only.) I have included my skinning templates.


I have also included decals for serial numbers which will be applied randomly.


There doesn't seem to be any standard way for the Voisin to carry its bombs, so I have included several loadouts with different sized bombs carried in different positions, with appropriate weights for each plane. (The loadout names are based on the size of the bombs, not the total loadout weight.)



Historical Notes:

The serial numbers are fictious, but in the correct range for the Voisin LAS.


The Russians used different national markings on the tail planes, If you use my Russian skin, you will have white, blue, and red stripes on the tail planes. If you use the Standard skin for the Russians, you will get roundels on the tail planes.




My thanks once again to Ojcar for making two excellent data.ini files for this plane.

Thanks also to Sinbad, 33Lima, and Dreamk who provided reference materials for the Voisin LAS.



Version 2 - Ojcar has created a new FM which improves the fighting performance of the AI. A fake machine gun has been added which causes the pilot of AI planes to be more active in pursuing enemy aircraft. Installation instructions for the new gun are in a separate file.



Installation instructions:

For FE1: Unzip the file and move the two folders named "Voisin3_120" and "Voisin3_150" into the FirstEagles/Objects/Airplanes folder.


For FE2: Unzip the file and move the two folders named "Voisin3_120" and "Voisin3_150" into the FirstEagles/Objects/Airplanes folder. Then in the FirstEagles/Objects/Decals folder, create two new folders named "Voisin3_120" and "Voisin3_150". Move the folder named "D" from the Airplanes/Voisin3_xxx folders into the corresponding Decals/Voisin3_xxx folders you just made.


To install the gun, follow the instructions in the file named "InstructionsForInstallingGuns".


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