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Missing horizon/terrain

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Hello. Was wondering if anyone can help with a problem im having.

I'm using Germany CE terrain and the horizon does not seem to appear at all. Terrain just stops and sky starts as you can see in this picture



As i get higher terrain disappears altogether. I have set horizon as far as possible in settings but still same problems..

Also I have noticed that on the ground if I move my mouse the sky changes colour. From this:


to this:



I have been adding ground units etc. recently but havent been touching anything else. This has only been a recent issue as only yesterday my terrains/horizon were appearing as normal as you can see from this picture:


Any help would be appreciated.

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Problem solved I think. I'd added a flightengine .ini into my flight folder while adding stuff.

I took this out of the Flight folder et voila, problem solved.:good:

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