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Hello :)


One of my favorite features in LOMAC and DCS:A10 are how the cannon (when appropriately configured) will auto adjust for bullet drop and range. This allows for superbly accurate gun-runs on targets, and worked somewhat like a CCIP mode in Strike Fighters but for the cannon.


Is there any way for such a thing to exist in Strike Fighters 2? The aim pipper doesnt move for me at all no matter what the range or where I point the GAU8, the sight remains seemingly static. Is this an engine limitation?


If this isnt possible, is there any way to change the amount of bullet drop from guns ingame? Or is air resistance etc only changeable with launched weapons rather than guns?

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The real A-10A, as originally released, had a minimum of electronics. The GAU-8 30mm rounds have such velocity that its trajectory is almost flat. The gunsight was a simple fixed reticle. I have documentation that explains the whole procedure used by A-10A pilots. Range was estimated by how much of the target was covered by the pip at the center of the reticle, then the That-Looks-About-Right (TLAR) method was used to place the pipper per training/experience based on the estimated range. The actual gun camera film reels I have show how quickly the A-10 pilots can acquire, fire, and disengage against little black dots that I can't even see without reviewing the footage several times. So, the game uses a fixed reticle just like the real A-10 had. I don't know if the A-10 had a gunsight depression adjustment knob, but I would guess that it did. This is not possible in the game, but it can be adjusted manually in the ini files.

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