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  1. A pair of F2H-2s from CVA-39 Lake Champlain fly a strike mission against an airfield runway with F9F top cover.
  2. DCS Su-33 update

    Taking off and landing on a carrier with the Su-33 is everything I hoped it would be. The flight model feels right. The animations look great. My only complaint is the naked carrier deck. I can takeoff fly an oval and land over and over using Oculus Rift. What a great experience. It does take a long time to refuel, though. I can see the fuel gauge creeping up while I wait. Taking off with a full load of gas and air-to-air missiles is moderately challenging. I need a long take-off roll before hitting the ramp and still come pretty close to the water before the speed comes up enough to raise the flaps. I would rather be landing an F-4B on a Vietnam era carrier (which I can do in FSX), but this looks good, feels good, and is so much fun, too. I can't wait to see how the F/A-18C and F-14A turn out with their carriers.
  3. Well, the Israeli's liked their Mirages upgraded to J79s :)
  4. Let the free market decide. I don't see my self every buying this addon. But I have already seen posts from many who have already bought it. Modeling the GPS in detail took some work. If people want to retrofit gps to aircraft that originally didn't have it, more power to them. Many have complained about how ED is itemizing everything such as the WW2 terrain being sold separately from the WW2 AI objects. If ED goes to far, they will lose an already small market. I am with them for the detail/accuracy of the aircraft, particularly the flight models. If they give me what I want for a fair price, they keep my business. If not, I will stop buying more products. To be fair, you need to compare DCS World to FSX. An A2A Simulations Cessna costs $50. A Cessna has no radar, no weapons, just basic instruments and maybe some advanced navigation equipment and/or gps. ED is meeting or beating the prices of the competition. FSX has special addons not unlike the WW2 assets or gps that sell for similar or higher prices. I have spent far less on DCS than someone committed to FSX/P3D. I don't get a beautiful global map, but I can fly combat aircraft in a much more realistic combat environment than any FSX/P3D/TacPack installation for a much lower price. Best wishes for the people that have money to blow on a GPS addon at $15 for an aircraft that cost at most $50 or maybe even $25 on sale. If ED makes a profit on this and that profit gets re-invested into aircraft and terrains that I want, it is a win-win situation for me :)
  5. Essex class (long-hull) aircraft carrier

    Ack! I am interested in recreating the USS Lake Champlain (CV-39) as she appeared in Korea. But she had the SCB-27 conversion and in photos of her in Korea, the 5-inch gun turrets are gone. Per this photo:
  6. Essex class (long-hull) aircraft carrier

    Somehow I never added this to my SF2 KAW install. Problem fixed :)
  7. The hours of work that went into KAW over the years will never be replicated by commercial sim. Freeware has its limitations. It can be slow. The quality is inconsistent. The community becomes fragmented over time. If the work isn't accomplished fast enough, the project often dissolves before making any real progress. The original SFP1 version that worked with Service Pack 2a was quite good. But all of the additional years poured into the development of the current SF2 release is quite noticeable and an amazing achievement. Thanks to everyone that was involved :)
  8. I was drawn to SFP1 by the F-4 Phantom. At the time early work in progress screenshots of SFP1 were being posted at SimHQ, I was flying Jane's USAF because it was the best option for the F-4/Vietnam era at the time. Wings Over Vietnam provided what I thought SFP1 should have been upon release: historical Vietnam map with carriers, the only thing missing was clouds. Wings Over Europe added clouds and the F-15A. But the user made addon, Korean Air War, was the outstanding centerpiece of the SFP1/WoX series. MiG Alley was the go to sim for the Korean War and allowed the player to experience the F-86, P-51, F-80, F-84, and MiG-15. But SFP1 KAW brought a much more up to date platform with superior modeling of everything except the gunsight. Fast forward quite a few years to the release of KAW for SF2. The terrain pushes the limits of what is possible in SF2. The available plane set is simply amazing. My preference is flying the Razbam F2H-2 payware addon aircraft, but the option to fly F7F Tigercats and F3D Skynights as night fighters isn't possible in any other sim. The experience is almost as good as possible on a PC at present. Only DCS World is poised to surpass SF2 KAW, but to date, no announcement has been made to support a Korean War map/objects and the only available flyable aircraft are the F-86F, P-51D, and MiG-15bis. Unless DCS decides to step up to the plate, I doubt there will be any combat flight sim that will surpass SF2 KAW in the foreseeable future. It is a shame that the Korean War isn't more marketable and that Third Wire never produced their own KAW product, but the free user made KAW SF2 would be hard to beat.
  9. SimWorks Studios has previously released an F-4B for FSX/TacPack and is planning on releasing an F-4C and F-4D in the future. They are considering trying to model the special EF-4C Wild Weasel variant tested in Vietnam but have very little information to go on beyond photos of the rear instrument panel and a vague description. Ideally, some sort of operational reference would allow decent modeling. But any pertinent information would be greatly appreciated. I know this is the community to ask if anyone knows anything about this obscure F-4 variant. The developer is particularly interested in a detailed description of the operation of the ER-142.
  10. New FSXBA Hornet

    This looks cool. What grabbed my eye was all the skins that are available. My favorite is among them: the prototype F/A-18 with the gold/blue stripes and the hornet logo.
  11. How far has VRS Tacpack come?

    Back to the future: I have now had the SimWorks Studios F-4B, VRS Super Hornet, and VRS TacPack for awhile. What has been accomplished within the FSX framework is utterly amazing, but still falls way short of the combat experience you get from SF2 and DCS World. It is fun to operate the systems with most if not all of the buttons/switches working per the manuals, but the radar and weapons modeling is really basic... more on par with Jane's Fighters Anthology than SF2 or DCS World. You can set up cool air-to-ground missions with lots of AI traffic, but the only semi-realistic opponent are SA-2 SAMs. So it is great for making screenshots and after action reports, but worthless for anyone looking for a good ACM experience. I haven't tried using multiplayer to make up for the lack of AI, but I suspect my dislike of the somewhate simple weapons and radar modeling would make even multiplayer dogfights less than thrilling in an FSX/TacPack environment. In the mean time, Belsimtek has released the F-5E and announced an upcoming F-4E for DCS World. I don't see much more of my time or money being spent on FSX or any of its derivatives at this point unless FSX/TacPack takes a giant leap forward to catch up in modeling key parameters for combat: weapons, sensors, and AI. P.S. Despite the promise of an advanced external flight model, I have never bothered with the Milviz F-4E. Per the above screenshot, they couldn't even get the 3d model correct. The oversized bulbous canopy bothers me so much that I refuse to buy it... unless the entire package (aircraft, tacpack supplement, advanced flight model) goes on sale for a really low price this Christmas. Their last sale tempted me... but the advanced flight model wasn't available yet and the 3d model is so repulsive that I easily passed up a 50% off sale.
  12. DCS Su-33 update

    Flaming Cliffs 3 is the gift that keeps on giving. While I enjoy the clickable cockpits, my real gripe with the LOMAC/Flaming Cliffs series has always been the horrible flight models. The beautiful graphics were always betrayed by the way the aircraft flew in a dogfight or even during takeoffs and landings. As each FC3 aircraft has received an update to a professional flight model equal to the best of the DCS modules, it is like getting a $50 aircraft for free. I am really looking forward to the Su-33. The F-15C and Su-27S are fun, but flying the Su-33 from aircraft carriers will be a great place holder until the F/A-18C and/or F-14A become available. It will be fun to look for differences between the Su-27 and Su-33.
  13. I have at various times chosen one or two DCS aircraft to focus on learning, while flying the others intermittently for fun. I have not focused on the Mirage 2000, yet. I also have never studied it the way I know the Vietnam era fighters or the US teen fighters. So I can't really judge how realistic the Mirage 2000 is. I can just say that it looks and feels good when I fly it.
  14. I don't think any DCS aircraft is ever finished. But the Mirage was released in a fairly good state for such a modern/complex aircraft and continues to steadily improve. I don't fly it a lot, mainly just some instant action dogfights or some cold start/taxi/takeoff/landing type missions just to explore/enjoy the flight model of a true delta.

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