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  1. The original game didn't have carriers. WoV added carriers. WoE added clouds. WoI fixed a lot of the issues with AI and flight models introduced by WoV and WoE as well as adding better modeling of radar/ecm. If the base install of SF2 came with everything, there would have been no incentive to buy SF2V, SF2E, etc. As it was, the majority of SFP1/WoX purchasers never bought any of the SF2 releases and quite a few people exploited the lack of copy protection to pirate the series. I am not sure why TK even started messing with SF2 again given that he seems to be far more successful at generating revenue with his mobile games without investing nearly as much time, effort, and money.
  2. SF2 was coded for Windows Vista, which inadvertently made it compatible with Windows 7. Windows 10 and the hardware drivers supporting it are a moving target. Don't expect any noticeable code changes if SF2 already runs well on your Win10 pc. What is coming will eliminate some problems under the hood and allow TK to market SF2 as a proper Win10 compatible game. Bringing the game up to Windows 10 coding standards also paves the way for future development, should TK believe it may be profitable again. I can't think of a single sim that stepped into the niche that SF2 filled: the Jane's Fighters Anthology lite survey sim. But his timing may be a little late as ED is going to release a dumbed down version of DCS World with all the main fighters in one package, which will inherently feature the things SF2 was always missing: multiplayer, recording missions, ejection sequences, and maybe air-to-air refueling. But the beauty of SF2 is that presumably most if not all of the previous SF2 mods will still be compatible, maintaining SF2's huge advantage: comprehensive libraries of aircraft, vehicles, ships, and maps from all eras of aviation from WWI to the recent past. If TK could afford to shoe-horn in a newer graphics engine and provide the plugins and tools needed to update existing models and create new, massively updated terrains, he would have a winner.
  3. Il2 Sturmovik sales

    I will get the WW1 game eventually, too. Not sure about the tank game. I have DCS Combined Arms, but never use it. My preferred tank is the M60A1. Steel Beasts Pro PE has the M60A3, so it is my preferred tank game, especially since it is the DCS:World of tank games, being more of a study sim used for real-world training.
  4. The Soviet Navy was huge and had an impressive submarine force. But it was never a "blue water" Navy. Coastal defense is a limited capability compared to controlling the sea lanes and power projection. China has a long way to go and numbers of vessels isn't the whole story. It is also the ability to operate them over extended time frames far away from home port. The Chinese may be able to improve it, but the Russian aircraft carriers have been less than impressive to date. When the Chinese are able to perform ASW well enough to prevent US Navy submarines from operating in their waters or within torpedo range of their ships, they might be useful. In the mean time, China doesn't have anything that can't be sunk overnight.
  5. Back in 1997, I climbed up on the XB-70 landing gear so that I could touch it's skin. I saw the N9 fly around 1996-1997 as well.
  6. Top Gun 2 Trailer 2

    The FA-18 has always been capable of pulling 90 degrees of AoA and recovering. Not quite as good as the Su-27's 120-130 degrees, but certainly outstanding by any measure. However, the flight control system isn't programmed to permit it. It is a risky flight regime that is pretty much worthless in combat. The pitch authority of the Hornet in a combat environment is still one of the best beyond the F-22 and F-35. You don't need a "cobra" to fire an AIM-9X.
  7. I bought my last Warthog from Germany not too long ago for $375 when my throttle died and the PCB to fix it was out of stock. Deals can be found but they constantly come and go.
  8. Last ARIZONA survivor returned to his ship

    There is nothing better than meeting and conversing with people that lived through major historical events. We are losing so many so fast from WW2 to through Vietnam. The saddest part of watching the WW2 generation fade away is knowing that their history is slowly but surely being forgotten by the majority of people who simply don't care about history.
  9. I bet you can find a complete Warthog HOTAS for the price of the base + Hornet grip. The HOTAS can periodically be found at $350 to $400 and has been sold for as low as $300. Of course, even as I post this I find prices are way up for the holiday season.
  10. Relatively recent thread on this topic: https://combatace.com/forums/topic/91885-an-important-question/?tab=comments#comment-742990
  11. If you delve back into the depths of SFP1, this capability has existed since the very first Walmart release. Kreelin's mission editor provided the option to enable this. But it was an unfinished, unsupported option that caused lots of problems, so at some point TK had patched it out of existence. I didn't realize it had been re-enabled. I don't think TK meant to make this option available again, but sometime he accidently re-introduced old code/bugs in later patches, so maybe that is why this is available again? I can't recall ever trying a ramp start since SF2 was introduced, so maybe it has been there all along?
  12. I never cared for the MiG-23 very much. The MiG-21 was generally better for WVR fighting and the MiG-23's BVR capability was limited to two missiles that were roughly AIM-7F equivalent (for reference, Israel was very disappointed with the AIM-7F). However, the radar was pretty cool, and if you are a Phantom Phanatic like myself, this is the Soviet equivalent to the F-4E, minus one engine, 2 SARH missiles, and one crew member. If a MiG-21 and an F-4 had a baby, this plane would be it. After flying the SF series for so many years and having extensively researched and flown all of the Soviet aircraft available for it, the MiG-21 remains my favorite, but the MiG-23 is a close 2nd place. I love flying the MLD, which strongly resembles a MiG-21bis with decent radar and even more power. I can't wait for RAZBAM's MiG-23 for DCS World. It won't be an MLD, but it is being modeled after a Cuban MLA. It should be the best the MiG-23 has ever been modeled in a combat flight sim. I can't wait!
  13. AI flight models weren't always tweaked as well as they could have been, but a MiG-23 should more or less turn like an F-4, particularly at typical Mach 0.5 to Mach 0.9 dogfight speeds with the wings in the middle position. The final MLD variant was improved much like the slatted F-4E. The MLD was modestly superior to the slatted F-4E in maneuverability and way ahead in specific excess power (i.e. climb/acceleration). In that form, it wouldn't be too bad. Good enough to fight F-15s WVR.
  14. If I had spent a lot of time developing a flight model for payware, I might be upset if someone else took that flight model and used it in other payware without my permission. But if I am experienced as creating/selling products for the SF series, I already know how open the game is and can expect the text based ini files to be borrowed/copied/edited at will by the modding community, as TK expects. What you are really selling are the 3d models, as everything else is readily copied/edited/redistributed. TK came to the same conclusion and started locking up the lods while leaving most of the game wide open to copying/editing/sharing.
  15. FE Crowd

    I love FE, but have never modded it. I have been perfectly happy flying Camels, Dr.Is, D.VIIs, Spads, etc. But this post made me take a closer look at what is available. I remember a lot of the aircraft, but not the Gladiator. Well done!

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