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  1. I think I spotted two SF screenshots.
  2. F-4 Cockpit Revisited

    That is my WSO. He isn't very good at operating the radar or navigating, but he barks at anything that moves or makes a sound and stays by my side as long as he is fed a steady diet of treats.
  3. F-4 Cockpit Revisited

    I need to model the flaps lever and mount it in the correct position, outboard of the throttle, behind and above.
  4. F-4 Cockpit Revisited

    I have replaced my Warthog stick with a VKB MCG Pro, which has been great. But I have been getting the itch to make progress on making a more complete F-4 cockpit experience in anticipation of the future DCS World F-4E that may be only a year or two or three away. I have throttle handles, the panel with the slots and brushes where the throttle protrude, and the panels to either side on the way. I have a Warthog throttle that "bricked", so I am finally going to order a board and try to fix it, then hopefully use it as the base for making an F-4 throttle. I have two Warthog sticks as a result of buying a replacement for the broken throttle, so I am thinking about adapting it to my real F-4 stick so I don't have to clean pots like a did the last time I used the real F-4 stick. Alternatively, I may buy another VKB grip and gut it to adapt an extra B-8 grip I have to fit on the VKB stick. I may end up with two sim pits, one dedicated F-4 pit and one designed to be reconfigured to support several DCS aircraft. The F-4 pit would be in front of my PC and the generic/adaptable pit would be in front of my son's PC. I just need to upgrade his gpu or better yet build a new PC for me and give him my current PC. Just a matter of time and money along with some creative engineering.
  5. Battle of the Battle of Britain sims!

    I have never been much of a campaign person. I prefer flying generic 1v1, 1v2, 2v2, 1v4, 2v4, and 4v4 single player missions to test particular tactics and types against each other or fly historically accurate single missions. So what matters most to me is the accuracy of the flight models, the weapons/damage modeling, and the behavior of the AI. I haven't played CloD enough to really get a feel on how it compares to my other sims. But I have played BoB2:WoV enough to know that I love the Spitfire, Hurricane, and Bf109 flight modeling as well as how the AI flies those aircraft when set to the highest skill levels. The SFP1/SF2 series has some of the most entertaining/challenging dogfight AI of any flight sims I have played... but it has cheats that make it so. SF2 AI can always see you without regard to canopy/visibility limitations even if you are low and on its 6. SF2 AI knows if you are looking at or targeting it even if it can't see you... so the enemy almost always reacts to your presence and will probably engage you rather than other AI enemies. BoB2 seems to do a much better job of having dynamic AI reacting to the entire situations instead of just you with the skill level somewhat realistically affecting its choice of tactics. So BoB2 AI is as fun and challenging as SF2 AI, yet doesn't appear to be cheating as much if at all. There is nothing that can replace the experience of trying to defend Britain against a sky full of Nazi bombers and fighter escorts with but a few Spitfires and/or Hurricanes. I can only imagine how the real pilots felt having to face those odds day after day. If Germany had stayed focused on bombing the airfields and other strategic targets rather than trying to break morale by bombing the general population, one can only wonder whether the UK would have been able to hold on and maintain a Western front to help the USSR stay in the fight. CloD may not be as good as BoB2 at modeling the full scope of the Battle of Britain, but the graphics and plane set still let you experience aspects of it in a way that the very dated BoB2 can't. But if I could only have one, it would be BoB2. But the truth is that I don't have the time to play all of the flight sims I have accumulated over the years. I used to focus on the SFP1/SF2 series because of my preference for the F-4 Phantom and MiG-21, but the halt in SF2 progress followed by the rise of DCS World forced my transition. Lately, I have spent more time in civil flight sims than I ever have due to FSX/P3d having TacPack supported F-4s and AeroflyFS2 and X-Plane 11 also supporting VR. But I by far spend most of my time flying all of the DCS World modules. It is hard but fun for me to try to maintain basic proficiency with such a large library of aircraft modeled to a study-sim level. So BoB2 isn't even installed and CloD is only on my hard drive as long as I have room for it.
  6. Setting modded files to read-only always worked for me.
  7. The AI wasn't designed to leverage the abilities of the MiG-29 and Su-27. Those aircraft are really beyond the scope of the game. MiG-29/Su-27 AI should have their radars off and be positioned by GCI/AWACS, then try to use IRST, laser ranging, and HMS to avoid lighting up RWRs. In the right circumstances, MiG-29s and Su-27s could rack up kills way better than the VPAF did with MiG-21 hit-and-run Atoll tactics (which were really effective against rigid USAF formations and tactics). If you are in a fairly big fight, your RWR may be lit up my multiple bogies from multiple directions. The RWR can only give you so much information. I was a submarine sonar tech. Submarines have WLR systems (sonar warning receivers). They false alarm quite a bit. When you get a threat alarm (i.e. torpedo homing sonar), you have to decide is it real or false. If in doubt, you execute standard torpedo evasion maneuvers... which the enemy may know and intentionally force you to execute to draw you into a trap. Electronic warfare is a difficult game to win at 5 kts (typical submarine speed while trying to be quiet), way harder at 500 kts. Keep in mind, the SF2 game is very predictable despite TK's efforts to make it otherwise. If you play enough, you will learn situational awareness, of which the RWR is only one part. You will learn the flaws in the AI logic and once you do, the AI will only beat you if you are tired, distracted, or go out of your way to avoid exploiting their weaknesses. Fly an F-4 against a horde of MiG-17s, MiG-19s, and/or MiG-21s. Fly a MiG-23 against a flight of F-4Es, F-15s, or F-16s. If you fly the same missions over and over, you can learn to win them. Once you do, the game becomes an algorithm... execute the right moves to avoid attacks while patiently waiting for useful/effective firing opportunities. Later patches made most of the missiles somewhat reliable when fired within parameters. You can get between 50% and 75% hit rates with early AIM-9, AIM-7, and R-3/K-13 (AA-2 Atoll) missiles if you are patient. With later variants, you don't have to be as patient or you can get 90% or better hit rates.
  8. There is an "Action View" that was finally made functional after many years of being a placeholder. It will automatically jump to events like weapon launches. Using action view or radio calls... use the pause button, then position the camera wherever you want it. You can quickly jump between aircraft or ground objects until you are near the shot you want, then go free camera to get the screenshot you want. It is hard to make videos because there is no way to record and playback a mission, so you may have to play the same or similar missions several times to put together a good video. But thanks to the pause button and the ability to move the camera anywhere, you can always get great screenshots.
  9. R-73 wouldn't trigger a RWR. Only the launching aircraft's radar.
  10. F-15X and my doubts

    The F-15X has the explicit purpose of acting like an AIM-120 magazine with an AWACS radar. If produced, you can be sure it will be able to carry as many missiles as safely possible and the radar will hopefully perform as well as hoped to allow F-22 and F-35 fighters to leave their radars off.
  11. RWR can be useful if the aircraft has one... but only for radar guided missiles. The only warning you will get for an IR missile is possibly a launch call over the radio. In a high threat area like downtown Hanoi, the RWR will be so cluttered that it is effectively useless. Robin Olds was forced to accept RWR field mods in his unit's F-4C Phantoms. He found them useless and turned the volume off. From the time they flew into enemy territory the RWR was lit up with threats from all directions... something he already knew. So he didn't want the distraction of all the audio warnings. He was a master of situational awareness. He was able to continuously call SAM launches and break warnings while engaging enemy MiGs. SF2 in its final patched form has major limits on ranges for drawing objects. The range at which a B-52 becomes visible on screen is remarkably short for such a large aircraft. There is help somewhere on these forums on how to manipulate the ini files to get longer view ranges if your cpu, RAM, and gpu can handle it.
  12. There is no way to padlock a missile. However you can padlock the subject of the last radio call the <R> key by default: SELECT_LAST_RADIO=R So if a SAM launch is called, you will be able to look at the launcher, and therefore presumably see the missile and/or its launch contrail. The same is true of an aircraft missile launch that has been called on the radio. The problem is that in a high threat environment, there may be multiple radio calls close together and you may not be padlocking what you wanted to padlock.
  13. Battle of the Battle of Britain sims!

    I haven't had BoB2 installed since I migrated to this computer to let my son have my former PC. You are making me thing about installing it again. It provides many experiences that few if any sims have ever provided.
  14. The older analog radars using the Avionics60.dll always have green graphics. It is hard coded in the library and no provision was made to customize the color.
  15. Unicode files can be saved as simple text files. JPGs can be saved as bmp files, but WOI with the expansion pack should be compatible with unicode and JPGs if I remember correctly.

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