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Use and distribution of FS-WWI work:

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Just to clarify some things up:


There is a lot of talk about copyrights these days. I would like it to be known publicly that each creation in any form from any of the FS-WWI Development team members is owned by them via an inherited copyright at the time of creation. If you wish to edit these works privately please give credit where credit is due. If you wish to post them for download, display the work(s) in screen shots or use them in any way public PLEASE ask the original author(s) permission before doing so. ANY FS-WWI material cannot under any circumstances be used in a commercial venture or in any form of profit yielding medium. If the original author(s) cannot be contacted, please contact me and I personally will attempt to contact the author(s) or judge for myself based on the inherited copyright to me by distribution of the creation(s).

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