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New Map (4 parts) of Area Reims-Verdun-Toul-Metz-Colmar

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Reims to Colmar.jpg


This is a smaller Jpeg of the map - I have added the main city names in red here (not so in the download maps).

The maps are useful for all flyers in the Argonne area east of Reims, in the Verdun-Metz-Toul area, and in Alsace,

all down to Colmar. I have added most airfields (here RAF_Louvert's maps were very helpful - thanks, Lou!)

The four parts should be cut out with a sharp cutter.

They can be glued together, or they can be used as single, letter-size sheets.

If you put them into a strong sheet protector, you can draw your course on with a waterresistent red or blue felt pen.

This can be removed with pure cleaning alcohol, maybe benzin too.


The lakes and the railways are quite accurate in the OFF landscapes, so you can really use them (the black lines

in the map are railways, the blue are roads) to navigate via map.

And for to find back to your airfield, you may still use the ingame map at the end.


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very nice. this part of the Western Front isn't very well represented with maps. there are LOTS of great maps that cover the British occupied sectors north of the Somme-- but to get primarily French occupied territry like this is really cool.

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