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Anatra DS "Anasal"

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Anatra DS "Anasal"

This version includes a new FM made by ojcar.

The Anatra DS was a two seat Russian plane powered by a Salmson 9 cylinder, water cooled, radial engine. The plane was therefore called the "Anasal", short for "Anatra Salmson". When the Ukrainian city of Odessa was occupied by Austria-Hungary early in 1918, the Anatra factory was found intact and production continued as the "Anatra C.I". Many of the first Austrian versions had the Austrian cross painted over the Russian insignia.

The Anatra was used mostly for reconnaissance, but also as a fighter and light bomber. Many of them survived the war and were used in the fighting in Eastern Europe after the end of World War I.

In version 2 - I have included a loadout for a light bomb load and three skinning options - A generic Russian skin, and skins for two Russian squadrons - the 19th and the 4th squadrons with decals for the squadron tail markings. I have included my skinning templates for those who want make their own skins.

In version 3 - I improved the details around the nose, completely reskinned the plane and cockpit, and corrected several problems with node names in the data file. New templates are included in the version 3 download.

In version 4 - Ojcar has made a new FM for the plane. I have refined the wings and added some details. Old skins will still work with this revision. I have included the old skinning templates with the download.

Historical Notes:
I found several sources which said that Anatras carried a machine gun mounted on the fuselage for the pilot. I couldn't find any details of the mounting, so I guessed where it might be located.

My thanks to Ojcar once again for making a new data.ini file for this revision of the plane.

Installation instructions:
This revision replaces previous versions. If you have an older version, please delete it, then install the new version.

For FE1: Unzip the file and move the folder named "AnatraDS" into the FirstEagles/Objects/Aircraft folder. 

For FE2: Unzip the file and move the folder named "AnatraDS" into the FirstEagles/Objects/Aircraft folder. Then in the FirstEagles/Objects/Decals folder, create a new folder named "AnatraDS". Move the folder named "D" from the Aircraft/AnatraDS folder into the Decals/AnatraDS folder you just made. 


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