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Hansa-Brandenburg C.I - 3 pack

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Hansa-Brandenburg C.I - 3 pack

The Hansa-Brandenburg C.I was an Austro-Hungarian two seater, similar in size and configuration to the German Albatros. It was introduced in 1916 and used throughout the war, with more powerful engines in later versions. The HB C.I was used primarily for reconnaissance and light bombing, although it saw service as a fighter early in the war. Early versions of the plane carried a gun pod on the upper wing. After a better synchronization system was developed, the gun was moved down to the left side of the fuselage.


I have included three different versions of the plane with this download. Ojcar has created FM's for the 160hp, 200hp, and 230hp engines, and Nix has provided the engine sounds for all three. There are three slightly different models, with different loadouts, different serial number decals, and different skins for each plane, so there are three complete planes which can be installed individually or all together.


The skins are interchangeable, except for the serial numbers, but you may see some stretching on the nose of the 230hp version. Each skin has a "Standard" version which will allow you to change nationalities, and an "Austrian" version with the cross at mid wing. The Austrian version won't let you change the national insignia. I have included my skinning templates.


Ojcar has also provided two new guns for this plane. For FE1, we have included Peter01's GunData.ini with Ojcar's guns added. To load the new guns you will need the Gun Editor available from the Combat Ace download area, (I have provided a link at the end of this page.) For FE2, Ojcar has provided the necessary files.





My thanks once again to Ojcar for making three excellent data.ini files and two new gun data files for this plane - and for teaching me how to add guns to First Eagles.


My thanks to Nix who created the engine sound files for the Austro-Daimler 160, 200, and 230 horse-power engines.


Thanks also to Sinbad and Quack74 who provided reference materials for the Hansa-Brandenburg C.I




Installation instructions:

For FE1: Unzip the file and move the three folders named "HBC1_160" "HBC1_200" and "HBC1_230" into the FirstEagles/Objects/Airplanes folder. Move the three sound files named "Austro-daimler160.wav" "Austro-daimler200.wav" and "Austro-daimler230.wav" into the FirstEagles/Sounds folder.


To add guns you'll need the Gun Editor program (available in the Combat Ace Downloads area.) Move the newGundata.ini file into the FirstEagles/Objects folder. Open the Gun Editor and click the Open button. Find the Gundata.ini you just installed and open it. Make sure the new guns are there (the last one in the list should be "8MM_SCHWARZLOSE_M0712" Click the Save button and close the Gun Editor. You have the new guns!



For FE2: Unzip the file and move the three folders named "HBC1_160" "HBC1_200" and "HBC1_230" into the FirstEagles/Objects/Airplanes folder. Then in the FirstEagles/Objects/Decals folder, create three new folders named "HBC1_160" "HBC1_200" and "HBC1_230". Move the folder named "D" from the Airplanes/HBC1_xxx folders into the corresponding Decals/HBC1_xxx folders you just made. Move the three sound files named "Austro-daimler160.wav" "Austro-daimler200.wav" and "Austro-daimler230.wav" into the FirstEagles/Sounds folder.


To add the guns move both gun folders ("8MM_SCHWARZLOSE_M0712" and "8MM_SCHWARZLOSE_M0712_Gunner") into your Guns folder (in your mod files folder) and you're done!



This is the URL for Gun Editor I use for FE1:



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