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Pioneers of Flight for FS-WWI Released!

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It's FINALLY here! :grin:


Sorry for the very long delay, but real life happens, ya know?


This is the very first release of a totally new Plane Pack for Fighter Squadron - World War One. As such, of course the contents within are considered Beta, and in an ever-changing state. Also, this release just includes the first 5 aircraft, with basic missions and ground units. In the future, we hope to offer more aircraft, varied ground units and even a new airfield designed for Pioneers of Flight.


Download from here:


Pioneers of Flight at ModDB

Pioneers of Flight v1.0 for FS-WWI


And now the readme:


**Pioneers of Flight for FS-WWI**


Install to your root 'Fighter Squadron' or 'FS-WWI' folder.


Add-ons that are required/not required:


You MUST have the latest FS-WWI Plane Pack installed for this add-on to function.


Be sure to check out the individual readme files in the 'Fighter Squadron' or 'FS-WWI'\wwi_readme folder for credit information about all of the included add-ons.


How to uninstall:


A file called 'Uninstall PoF for FS-WWI' gets placed in your 'Fighter Squadron' or FS-WWI' folder when you install the Pioneers of Flight for FS-WWI mod. To uninstall, simply double-click this file and follow the instructions.


What aircraft/lighter-than-air craft are included?


The Early Dirigible

The Eastbourne Monoplane

The Farman III

The La Mouche Monoplane

The Santos Dumont 14bis


What ground units included:


Race Pylon, tweaked from the Ground Unit pack from WW2 SDOE.

Barrage Balloon, tweaked from the Ground Unit pack from WW2 SDOE.


Known Issues:


-The Santos Dumont 14bis cannot be flown by the AI. Overall it is a very twitchy aircraft and requires much skill to handle. Please do not start it off in a mission with an altitude of over 2,000 feet.

-At times, some missions with many of these aircraft will cause a CTD. I am still working on trying to find a solution to this problem.

-6,000 feet is the max most of these aircraft can fly at. Some, much lower. Please do not start these aircraft mid-air above 5,500 feet.

-The Early Dirigible is not actually lighter-than-air. That is a feature Fighter Squadron does not support. Be sure not to fly slower than 10-12 mph.


If you find any other serious issues (Not cosmetic) than the ones above or the ones in the aircraft readme files, PLEASE report them to me via e-mail or the www.openplanesim.com forum. You can E-mail me at: ArgonV@AOL.com

If you have any suggestions/comments/contributions you would like to add, also feel free to e-mail me!




All the aircraft have been looked over by me personally. I did some "poetic licensing" so-to-speak. I would like to apologize in advance if I offended anyone by "tweaking" their work, but I assure you it was for the good of the whole pack and I believe you will like the results.


Please look at each individual aircraft readme file for more specific information.


Thanks to:


-Lewis aka LesterBoffo who came to me with his wonderful work he wanted to see fly in Fighter Squadron. Without his dedication, skills and persistence none of this would be available!

-I would like to thank my loving wife Shandy for putting up with the long hours I dedicate to this mod, as well as for her valuable input and support.

-Recon3 for his outstanding skin work that I borrowed much from.






Edited by ArgonV

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Thank you sir! :) I hope people are enjoying the mod.

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