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Lack of CGR Weapons rack - a possible Work around..

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This may already be current knowledge but I hadn't seen it before so I thought I'd post it for people to try.


This is something that had been bugging me when I was trying to mod a mW radar Brimstone (same with Dels and his awesome AH-64 Longbow with mW radar Hellfires) which used GPS guidance and therefore couldn't hit moving targets. Ravenclaw007 suggested using CGR as a guidance type like his "radar guided" Sea Eagle anti-ship missile used (from his Buccaneer pack).


Using CGR as a Guidance Type simulated radar guidance amazingly well. CGR weapons can be ripple fired (fire & forget), track moving targets and they have no TV/IIR display in the top right. However it seemed that CGR was designed for big weapons as there was no rack available for CGR's so that meant some compromises had to be made for smaller weapons, Dels remodelled his Apache and I made the brimstones IIR which added the display I disliked so much.


When I was doing the KB article on weapons I thought about the different racks and what they can hold and, more importantly, how the guidance types work In-Game rather than real-life and I noticed something which I haven't seen posted on here.


ATR racks are for LGR/WGR (laser/wire guided rockets), and we know you can't ripple fire with the LGR's but what about WGR's. In real life you can't but what about in-game. Well turns out you can (even on Hard) and they act just like CGR's but there's a slightly different technique. On easy they can be ripple fired no issues but on Hard you have to let each missile guide for about 1-2 secs before selecting a new target (and making sure to point your plane at the target - no off-boresight shots!)


I've shot about 180 WGR brimstones now on Hard and got a hit rate of 90% using the technique above on both static and moving targets which is good enough I feel.


So there you have it - If you want to simulate small radar guided A2G weapons AND rack mount them, use GuidanceType=1 in the weapon_data.ini, ATR as the rack type and make sure the pylon data includes ATR,WGR.


Give it ago and left me know of any issues you find!



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