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Quastion. How can i increase the range of an AA gun?

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How can i increase the range of an AA gun like the ZPU2 ?


What i am planning to do is i have already replaced the ZPU2 rounds with 37MM_ZP39 and changed the RPM from 100 (perhaps or something like 100) to 760 RPM but i want to know how can i increase the range of it like allowing to shoot at aircrafts with an Altitude of like 6500 Meters ?



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first of all you need to edit the ground object's data ini. There are the detect_range and gun_range to modify there. Then you should probably need to increase ammo weight. This is because, ammo weight indicates how much an ammo will travel in the air. The longer the weight the much it travels to further distances. Also you may need to modify ammo speed from the gundata.ini. Try to find an optimal solutioun with all these for your intention. But as far as i know there is a limitation in the game however, AAA guns will not see and fire at you behind a spesific range.. lets say about 3nm. I tried everyway to get over this limitation but no use. I'm also trying to find a way to make an AAA model which fires flaks regardless of there is an enemy out there or not. This kind of stuff would make more realistic air defence scenarios just like the Baghdad thing. Inform me if you can find a way to that however.

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