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    learning how to mod and drawing and playing computer games
  1. How can i increase the range of an AA gun like the ZPU2 ? What i am planning to do is i have already replaced the ZPU2 rounds with 37MM_ZP39 and changed the RPM from 100 (perhaps or something like 100) to 760 RPM but i want to know how can i increase the range of it like allowing to shoot at aircrafts with an Altitude of like 6500 Meters ? Thanks
  2. Bofors L-60 AA

    Reminds me with BF1942 !
  3. ok thanks but u don't for free new aircrafts addon for il2 ?
  4. hi there guys does any one know where i can find new arircrafts for Il2 1946?
  5. hi there guys :) i want to know how to install weapons for WOE v.04.23.06 the problem is i saw in some addons open your weapons folder but i did not see the weapons folder or weapons ini i have weapons editor for WOE and i need info how to use it correctly so help me plz
  6. Flyable MiG-27 for WoE

    allright but exuse me this is the old syrian flag do we still use it till now in our airforce ?
  7. Brazilian Mirage 2000D (F-2000)

    wow i love the mirage 2000 a lot thx

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