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Iranian Weapons for Op Darius

************************ Iranian Weapons for SF2 ****************************


This pack is designed for use in the Op Darius Mod. The weapons in this pack were originally made for SF1 by Lindr2 back in September '08. I've converted them to SF2 standard and reskinned them to be more "realistic" than the original skins were, however 99% of the work was done in Paint so don't expect miracles with the skins!


I've tested it in Op Darius with the Nov'11 Patch and everything seemed fine but let me know if you find anything.


All the following have been tested and work on all the Iranian jets, however because of the "AttachmentType" nations used for the various Iranian jets in Op Darius these weapons will be available for most Aircraft. To make the pack compatable with the Aircraft in Op Darius I've had to make a few changes to how the Radar guided Anti-Ship Missiles work so they are now IIR guided (that way you won't have to mess with A/C data files to get them to fit on the pylons)





Drag and drop into your Op Darius Mod Folder - Usually C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Op Darius (or whatever you've called it)



Weapons List - Due to sanctions Iran has it's own indigenous weapons program so I'll try and explain what each weapon is and it's guidance system.


AGM-379 Zoobin - TV Guided 1200lb Missile

Farj-e-Darya - TV Guided 300lb Anti-Ship missile

Fatter IRM - Heat-Seeking Air to Air Missile

GBU-67 Qadr - TV Guided 2500lb Glide Bomb

GBU-78A Ghassem - TV Guided 2000LB Glide Bomb

HK-55 Granat - Inertial Nav Guided 3300lb Cruise Missile

Kosar 1 - TV Guided 210lb Anti-Ship Missile

Kosar 3 - Radar Guided 250lb Anti-Ship Missile

Nasr - Radar Guided 750lb Anti-Ship Missile

Noor-A - Radar Guided 1350lb Anti-Ship Missile

Noor-B - Radar Guided 2000LB Anti-Ship Missile (extended range)

Retarded 750lb LGB

Retarded 1000lb LGB

Retarded 2000lb LGB

Sattar 1 - Laser Guided 1000lb Rocket

Sattar 2 - Laser Guided 1000lb Rocket

Sattar 3 - Laser Guided 1000lb Rocket

Sattar 4 - Laser Guided 1000lb Rocket

Toophan 2 and Launcher - Wire Guided Tow-Style Anti-Tank Missile

Yasser - Laser Guided 1750lb Rocket


TIS-33 Laser Designator Pod




Issues - The original models and skin mapping weren't perfect so I've done the best with what I had to work with, however there are several issues which are beyond my control. The worst of which is the model for the Sattar 1&4 wasn't mapped fully so there's a thin slice where you can see through the model. 2nd is the Retarded LGB's only use a tiny section of the skin map meaning the text on the skin is repeated in mirror image on one side of the bomb. There's other minor issues but those are the biggest.




Thanks to The following -


Lindr2 for the original weapons.

Dave & Edbuger for the Op Darius Mod and the weapons ini help.

Ravenclaw007 for the Skinning ideas & templates.




Change Log


V1.1 - Weapon .ini's updated to SF2 standard, FRANCE added to nations (For F1-EQ)




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Doh! - Eburger68 spotted a stupid mistake I'd made. I'd used the raw SF1 data.ini when creating the individual SF2 weaponsdata.ini's and forgot to put them through the Editor afterwards to convert them to SF2 standards. Wow do I feel like a Dumbass now!


The Weapons will still work however an update has been made and is currently being checked so should be ready later tonight or tomorrow at the latest.


Many Thanks..................................IanH

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