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I took 4 German Seakings on a raid in Iceland. The target was cargo ships. Tornado F3s escorted and Tu-22 s (Blinders!) were doing air defense suppression. Floggers intercepted. Interestingly, the 4 Floggers only shot down 2 out of 4 helicopters. they also got both Tornado F3s and one out of two Tu-22 s. 3 out of 4 floggers were shot down. The event was pretty spectacular.....those Helicopters dropped a lot of flares and chaff!

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Good thing you digged that up Jonathan :grin:

It would surely deserve its own forum, like SimHQ has, if only we had more of these AARs.


Planning on posting a few myself, got the missions designed.. Just need somekind of backstory to go with.


Anyway Sokal, see if you can some screens next time. yes I know pretty hard during the heat of battle!

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