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FaceTrack / NoIR with SF2 Series

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Ok, I tried this a few months ago (almost a year) and it didnt really work at all, but it was a driver issue with the Camera I was using.


I was using a Xbox Live Vision Cam, When I tried it before the Camera was defaulted to 1280x960x7FrPS, (I tried to change it before using my normal Direct Show Programs, no Dice).


So I recently decided to uninstall and re-install the Xbox 360 Peripheral Drivers (controller, Vision Cam, Headset, Kinect drivers in one package to devs)(normal users can download them individually).


Booted up VirtualDub x64, changed it to 640x480x30FrPS, closed V.D. Booted FaceTrack NoIR, v1.5 (not sure if I have the Exxx-update or not).


Chose Track IR/default.ini, hit start, it recognized the camera and my face, tracking was working according to the readout.


Now I boot to SF2, and it tracks, but Y Axis is reversed (I look up and the camera pans down and vise-versa). Tried ticking the invert axis, didn’t work, then it all stopped working, so I called it a Nite.


Other Notes:

High Core Usage (up to 80% of one core), causes some issues in the game. Wont be a problem when I Upgrade to FX-8150 (only on Dual Cores now).

Track was lost if I turned my head too much.



So Question was, How do I get the inverted axis fixed?,


I’ll prolly download the v1.6 beta and see if there isn’t an update to the program that it uses to track facial features.

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