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  1. That was a joke, for the most part. I still havent gotten my SF2 to work on my new machine (windows 10, ryzen, 32gb ram, etc etc). But since SF2 doesnt support VR, I havent really dug into the issue.
  2. Would look so pretty in DCS.. :-p
  3. TMF F-14 Tomcat Superpack

  4. Same Source Model from Turbo Squid, Withing DCS 2.0 w/ alot of revamped texture and geometry work.
  5. it will be Windows 10 App, since Windows 10 will be able to Run Android Apps. so same thing, but running on PC w/ KB/Mouse emulating Gyro etc
  6. F-5E Tiger II

    One of the Ones that Eventually Became Fighters Anthology
  7. No, Roads, Coastlines, etc etc are placed after terrain data is imported. That video is over a year old, I doubt the SDK even looks like that anymore.
  8. I stated a good reason, Too many unlicensed users are ripping or using ripped models from other sims and attempting to bring them to DCS already. (At least for the Aircraft Mods). We dont need them trying to rip FSX landscape meshes etc to attempt importing to DCS. The Terrain Building is a different story altogether, they would like to make sure anyone given the SDK for terrain (and likely access to other things), has the ability to produce the terrain in full. Has nothing to do with licensing, and more to do w/ quality control and asset protection. There are Videos on YT of the Landscape SDK, it's a pretty spiffy and developed GUI.
  9. Problem is Nobody that does terrains for other sims is even attempting to engage in dialog w/ ED to get an agreement for the tools. The Tools are not freely distributed, and w/ Good Reason, Especially now since People are Ripping Models from Other games in attempts to bring to DCS.
  10. Kinney had a history for FSX, I'll leave it at that.

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