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The Slip

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A man is trying to get to Pittsburgh, but being that it is super short notice he doesn't want to pay for a plane ticket. He heads to the train station and waits in line, and when he gets to the window he notices that the girl behind the glass has huge breasts. He asks her " Can I get one picket to Titsburgh" and immediately realizes his error!! He turns red with embarrassment, the girl begins to cry, people are staring at him coldly, and a gentleman stading behind him taps him on the should and says "Hey, it's alright man, it's called a Freudian slip, I do it all the time".


"It's a what?"


"it's called a Freudian slip, it's where you say one thing but you meant to say something else", the gentleman explains, "I do it all the time."


"Oh, well thank you" says the man.


"Yes", says the gentleman, "Why just the other night I was having dinner with my wife and went to ask her to please pass the salt, but what I really said was 'you f***in' bitch you wrecked my life'!!"

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