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hello Guys,


i have a problem ...


and it given me a headache


today i got a problem with my windows.

i had to install or repair windows again..


i did the second option repair..

normally i have no problem or issues i can remember in the past with that option.


all my programs are still in registry

and working fine..


but now the problem with WOV


i have 2 maps off WOV on my pc before repair windows both worked fine.


1 map is for working /editting/modding and the other one is a back-up/or working version with mods but no issues <all issues are fixed.


after repairing and installing my drivers for vid and sound and direct-x


my clean version of WOV still works..

but my work map version ctd now on campaign

when you make a new campaign you get a messeage of the name of the save you want to use for your new campaign..

after that u get the screen that tells you what the campaign is all about.


before loading that <i hear the music/sound of the type writer.

but no visual ..and in about 1 or 2 seconds i get the annoying crash report...


this is what i have saved of the crash report


AppName: wov.exe AppVer: ModName: campaign.dll

ModVer: Offset: 000172ad




wat i have tryed to do to repair is .. from the good one copy the campaign.dll .. no succes.


make a copy of the good working map..

and copy the objects. sound campaign menu system folders to the new one also no succes.


its a bomber for me because i allmost finished a total mod version of the game..

but now it wont run any more...


i did not change my hardware.. no driver update version.

after reinstall/repair windows.

changed nothing to both wov maps. i got on my pc..


i was working on MSFS 2004 and that thing still runs..


but i don't care i want my mod version of WOV to run again..


or i have to do every thing again...


and that is really a shame.


is there some hero around here that can help me??

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my working version is a month or 2 behind my modding version of WOV... thats why i want my modding/work map to run again..

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well i have the map version working again.. but 2 months back in time..


i dont know how but some menu screens where set to 1128 x 783 :dunno:


but i made all my menu screens on 1024 x 768..


i have return them from 1128 x 783 to 1024 x 768 again.

and deleted the campaign map and copy it from the good working version.

now i dont got the CTD crash any more.


how can they change ??? without touching them...


before i got the issue with windows.

i was working most of the day with msfs2004.

only in the morning i played with my mod version..

no problems at all, the menu screens where working.

and after the issue nothing was working the way it did before.


but i am for 80 % saved i dont have to do every thing again.:heat:

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