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  1. well i have the map version working again.. but 2 months back in time.. i dont know how but some menu screens where set to 1128 x 783 but i made all my menu screens on 1024 x 768.. i have return them from 1128 x 783 to 1024 x 768 again. and deleted the campaign map and copy it from the good working version. now i dont got the CTD crash any more. how can they change ??? without touching them... before i got the issue with windows. i was working most of the day with msfs2004. only in the morning i played with my mod version.. no problems at all, the menu screens where working. and after the issue nothing was working the way it did before. but i am for 80 % saved i dont have to do every thing again.
  2. my working version is a month or 2 behind my modding version of WOV... thats why i want my modding/work map to run again..
  3. hello Guys, i have a problem ... and it given me a headache today i got a problem with my windows. i had to install or repair windows again.. i did the second option repair.. normally i have no problem or issues i can remember in the past with that option. all my programs are still in registry and working fine.. but now the problem with WOV i have 2 maps off WOV on my pc before repair windows both worked fine. 1 map is for working /editting/modding and the other one is a back-up/or working version with mods but no issues <all issues are fixed. after repairing and installing my drivers for vid and sound and direct-x my clean version of WOV still works.. but my work map version ctd now on campaign when you make a new campaign you get a messeage of the name of the save you want to use for your new campaign.. after that u get the screen that tells you what the campaign is all about. before loading that <i hear the music/sound of the type writer. but no visual ..and in about 1 or 2 seconds i get the annoying crash report... this is what i have saved of the crash report AppName: wov.exe AppVer: ModName: campaign.dll ModVer: Offset: 000172ad ... wat i have tryed to do to repair is .. from the good one copy the campaign.dll .. no succes. make a copy of the good working map.. and copy the objects. sound campaign menu system folders to the new one also no succes. its a bomber for me because i allmost finished a total mod version of the game.. but now it wont run any more... i did not change my hardware.. no driver update version. after reinstall/repair windows. changed nothing to both wov maps. i got on my pc.. i was working on MSFS 2004 and that thing still runs.. but i don't care i want my mod version of WOV to run again.. or i have to do every thing again... and that is really a shame. is there some hero around here that can help me??
  4. thx thats the answer i was hoping so i can make my x-15 go that fast like the real one... that is what your saying?? cool. better then FS 2004 or fsx. o i remember is there a terrain with new york/washington in it?? i have the actual flight data of 3 of the flights during 09-11-2001.. if they did happen the way they claim how it to be happend... i made a mod for fs 2004 in the past that did let you fly on auto pilot the actual path and speed i did try to let the ai fly that path but it is damn hard to make that happen in fs 2004.. so you can try to intercept them before they hit there targets.. what Norad and USAF/US NAVY / and home land sercurity failed to do .. a flew year ago a german pilot gets a heart attack and die while on auto pilot. also the same squadron that intercepted last year tu-95 bear above the netherlands. intercepted this plane. because he did not answer air controle. the f-16's escorted the plane above the wadden sea then the plane was out of fuel and crashed it in to the sea. i mean to say every plane that dont id them self gets a escort or in worst case shot down. and the best guarded air space in the world failed to react or intercept.. i cant believe that for one moment.. i if somebody made that terrain please let me know i want fly there. probly its more fun to fly such kind of missions in wings over X then in fs 2004 or many other sims
  5. well i ask this because in fs2004 you can get faster then mach 2.5 on your gauges but the grond dont move faster.. the game limit or better to say the screen limit is 2.5 mach in fs 2004..because of the rendering. i want to know what the limit is within wox... or did no body try this to find the absolute limit of the game;)
  6. sorry for that somebody called it on youtube air force ufo secrets revealed
  7. RAF laarbruch or airport weeze is in game more to the south i have send Wrench a copy of my version of europe and brittain is in my version including i have send him to find out what i did wrong why i dont got sea and some of the tiles don't show up.. my version is not reduced.. why because i made a UFO hunting campaign.. with real ufo sightings the famous belgium triangle that did get hunted by the belgium airforce. in the UK the famous Nuclear bases where things went wrong and a missile starting to get hot on its one. etc... and for that i needed a accurated map of europe. one of my former post in this topic haves a screenie of the map i make.. and where wrench will going to give a look at why somethings don't pop up. when his vidcard issues are over. i am working also on the TR-3B for every 3 f-117's USA got 1 TR-3B and USA got 59 f-117's so they must have -+ 19 TR-3B's if u don't believe me i recommend u watch this lecture/documatry skip the first 7 minutes after that its startes on the bird of prey .. that was just unclassified in or before 1998 <vid is from 1998> after that why the shape of the B-2 bomber changed from a single point in the back to a dubble W shape. and some opponents designs and what is so special about the B-2 Bomber besides low radar image. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfGqINFNL40
  8. well volkel is in a line south west of twente and twente is without a H.. its near Eindhoven.. thats south of the rhine. the big yellow spot above the 3 islands called zeeland or in english Zealand is rotterdam.. and rotterdam is transfer habour to the ruhr. wich river they use to do thats the rhine the yellow spot above the name bruggen on my screenie is Bruxelles in a line north east of bruxelles is Eindhoven/volkel.. brugge in belgium is near the coast. left of antwerp and antwerp is north and a little bit to the west of bruxelles. watch this screenie : Info Wikipeadia Weeze Airport or Niederrhein Airport (IATA: NRN, ICAO: EDLV) is an airport situated 3.7 km (2.3 mi) southwest[2] of the small municipality of Weeze in the Niederrhein of western Germany. It is 7 km (4.3 mi) northwest[2] of Kevelaer, about 33 km (21 mi) southeast of Nijmegen, Netherlands, and 48 km (30 mi) northwest of Duisburg. It uses the facilities of the former military airbase RAF Laarbruch, and began operations as a civil airport in 2003. Nijmegen is below Arnhem and Apeldoorn my geography is good i am never lost not even in places i never have been before. and i know how to look at maps. even star maps.
  9. Wow i love that u try to get it right.. baffmeister... you want the coordinates for volkel airbase... if u read my message i found that there is a error with in the stock GermanyCE map. if i read u name i think u come from the netherlands or Germany.. so i think u know this... airport weeze former name is laarbruch.. its 60 km west of dusseldorf. and where do i find laarbruch in WOE.. Netherlands/belgium. and its all most the right place for Airbase Volkel.. who made this map was drunk or very high... Brugge near Geilenkirchen hahahahah brugge is to the west coast.. and geilenkirchen in belgium hahahahaha lol lol lol
  10. can anybody explaine what the M - Marker and N Marker does in the game?? under Citylist Terrain Type.. the other options i know now what those things does in the game. J - Forest G - Field. S Sea C-City R - Grass A-Snow
  11. i use the editor from the package one of you guys loaded up here.. TerrainEditor v03-04-03 TerrainEditor_042106 i use the TerrainEditor_042106 where can i find the editor what you are talking about?? Posted Today, 07:36:53 PM after i want to edit volkel airbase i found a error, i mean i found this error in the stock version of GermanyCE
  12. after i want to edit volkel airbase i found a error, Laarbruch is located in Netherlands/Belgium.. but its 60 km next to dusseldorf in reallife it was a old RAF base now days its called Airport Weeze.. its a old nuclear base.. in 2002 its sold to some people in the Netherlands. the place it use in WOE is the place of Volkel airbase. and there are more airbases on the wrong place. did somebody allready fixed those things in a update for GermanyCE in the past?? i saw there was somebody that made a mod/update of GermanyCE
  13. thx u very much... that is what i am lookin for. i am starting now on part 5.. a map overview i got
  14. that would be great.. thx.. i have given it a try but loading at 70 % it CTD on me.. grrr hahahaha i used TerrainEditor_042106 from the citiesWOE.ini [City001] Name=Leeuwarden Airbase TextureType=5 Randomness=0 PositionX=190.00 PositionY=698.00 Width=6 Height=6 HasAirfield=TRUE from the target ini : [TargetArea335] Name=Leeuwarden Airbase Position=190000.000000,698000.000000 Radius=8485.281250 ActiveYear=0 Location=7 Alignment=FRIENDLY AirfieldDataFile=german_airbase3.ini NumSquadrons=12 Target[001].Type=Runway4 Target[001].Offset=0.00,0.00 Target[001].Heading=60.0 Target[002].Type=Tower1 Target[002].Offset=-88.07,-860.34 Target[002].Heading=0 Target[003].Type=eor_shack Target[003].Offset=-162.14,1590.40 Target[003].Heading=0 Target[004].Type=eor_shack Target[004].Offset=161.96,-1589.53 Target[004].Heading=90 Target[005].Type=eor_shack Target[005].Offset=-1349.29,-1597.02 Target[005].Heading=-120 Target[006].Type=eor_shack Target[006].Offset=603.18,-436.44 Target[006].Heading=-120 Target[007].Type=Hangar3 Target[007].Offset=-750.93,-663.34 Target[007].Heading=151 Target[008].Type=Hangar3 Target[008].Offset=-825.35,-705.71 Target[008].Heading=151 Target[009].Type=Hangar1 Target[009].Offset=-893.29,-732.81 Target[009].Heading=151 Target[010].Type=ASR Target[010].Offset=545.02,0.03 Target[010].Heading=0 Target[011].Type=barrack2 Target[011].Offset=563.17,36.05 Target[011].Heading=0 Target[012].Type=shack1 Target[012].Offset=553.43,-22.01 Target[012].Heading=0 Target[013].Type=building2 Target[013].Offset=580.96,-30.68 Target[013].Heading=0 Target[014].Type=windsock Target[014].Offset=50.00,-1600.00 Target[014].Heading=180 Target[015].Type=windsock Target[015].Offset=-50.00,-1600.00 Target[015].Heading=180 Target[016].Type=windsock Target[016].Offset=50.00,1600.00 Target[016].Heading=180 Target[017].Type=windsock Target[017].Offset=-50.00,1600.00 Target[017].Heading=180 Target[018].Type=ils_shack Target[018].Offset=-65.00,-1529.00 Target[018].Heading=90 Target[019].Type=ils_shack Target[019].Offset=-66.00,1529.00 Target[019].Heading=90 Target[020].Type=bunker2 Target[020].Offset=-667.51,606.32 Target[020].Heading=90 Target[021].Type=bunker2 Target[021].Offset=-667.07,644.18 Target[021].Heading=90 Target[022].Type=bunker2 Target[022].Offset=-666.62,683.97 Target[022].Heading=90 Target[023].Type=bunker2 Target[023].Offset=-627.26,724.30 Target[023].Heading=180 Target[024].Type=shack1 Target[024].Offset=-604.43,712.93 Target[024].Heading=180 Target[025].Type=windsock Target[025].Offset=50.00,-1687.08 Target[025].Heading=180 Target[026].Type=windsock Target[026].Offset=-50.00,-1687.08 Target[026].Heading=180 Target[027].Type=windsock Target[027].Offset=50.00,1687.08 Target[027].Heading=180 Target[028].Type=windsock Target[028].Offset=-50.00,1687.08 Target[028].Heading=180 Target[029].Type=windsock Target[029].Offset=643.19,-492.75 Target[029].Heading=180 Target[030].Type=windsock Target[030].Offset=692.97,-584.60 Target[030].Heading=180 Target[031].Type=windsock Target[031].Offset=559.51,-540.12 Target[031].Heading=180 Target[032].Type=windsock Target[032].Offset=611.38,-632.27 Target[032].Heading=180 Target[033].Type=windsock Target[033].Offset=-1426.15,-1687.19 Target[033].Heading=180 Target[034].Type=windsock Target[034].Offset=-1374.28,-1779.33 Target[034].Heading=180 Target[035].Type=windsock Target[035].Offset=-1342.47,-1639.82 Target[035].Heading=180 Target[036].Type=windsock Target[036].Offset=-1292.69,-1731.67 Target[036].Heading=180 Target[037].Type=AAA Target[037].Offset=-1455.88,-2035.56 Target[037].Heading=225 Target[038].Type=AAA Target[038].Offset=307.58,-1889.53 Target[038].Heading=135 Target[039].Type=AAA Target[039].Offset=-410.17,1854.08 Target[039].Heading=315 Target[040].Type=AAA Target[040].Offset=505.75,571.59 Target[040].Heading=45 Target[041].Type=AAA Target[041].Offset=881.08,-800.75 Target[041].Heading=135 Target[041].ActiveYear=1963 Target[042].Type=AAA Target[042].Offset=400.12,1671.69 Target[042].Heading=45 Target[042].ActiveYear=1963 Target[043].Type=AAA Target[043].Offset=-1676.86,-1582.08 Target[043].Heading=270 Target[043].ActiveYear=1963 Target[044].Type=AAA Target[044].Offset=-1090.96,-551.35 Target[044].Heading=270 Target[044].ActiveYear=1963 Target[045].Type=AAA Target[045].Offset=263.41,1886.82 Target[045].Heading=45 Target[045].ActiveYear=1967 Target[046].Type=AAA Target[046].Offset=-302.44,-1965.32 Target[046].Heading=180 Target[046].ActiveYear=1967 Target[047].Type=blastshield Target[047].Offset=-530.64,-695.83 Target[047].Heading=-157 Target[048].Type=blastshield Target[048].Offset=-582.33,-670.82 Target[048].Heading=-157 Target[049].Type=blastshield Target[049].Offset=-458.73,1300.06 Target[049].Heading=141 Target[050].Type=blastshield Target[050].Offset=-391.81,1349.99 Target[050].Heading=141 Target[051].Type=Hangar1 Target[051].Offset=-488.51,1095.98 Target[051].Heading=90 Target[052].Type=Hangar2 Target[052].Offset=-489.77,930.16 Target[052].Heading=90 Target[053].Type=Hangar2 Target[053].Offset=-489.76,977.57 Target[053].Heading=90 Target[054].Type=Hangar1 Target[054].Offset=-488.99,1034.96 Target[054].Heading=90 Target[055].Type=blastshield Target[055].Offset=-514.90,1202.93 Target[055].Heading=90 Target[056].Type=blastshield Target[056].Offset=-515.08,1173.13 Target[056].Heading=90 Target[057].Type=blastshield Target[057].Offset=-515.09,1143.94 Target[057].Heading=90 Target[058].Type=building3 Target[058].Offset=-490.67,1320.15 Target[058].Heading=180 Target[059].Type=shack1 Target[059].Offset=-492.21,1289.70 Target[059].Heading=141 Target[060].Type=powercart Target[060].Offset=-843.03,-757.08 Target[060].Heading=-14 Target[061].Type=Hangar2 Target[061].Offset=-1234.30,-933.52 Target[061].Heading=61 Target[062].Type=Hangar2 Target[062].Offset=-1207.79,-976.11 Target[062].Heading=61 Target[063].Type=blastshield Target[063].Offset=-949.37,-735.90 Target[063].Heading=151 Target[064].Type=blastshield Target[064].Offset=-974.89,-750.20 Target[064].Heading=151 Target[065].Type=blastshield Target[065].Offset=-698.34,-591.15 Target[065].Heading=151 Target[066].Type=blastshield Target[066].Offset=-721.95,-606.60 Target[066].Heading=151 Target[067].Type=building3 Target[067].Offset=-714.01,-570.50 Target[067].Heading=60 Target[068].Type=building3 Target[068].Offset=-726.55,-548.84 Target[068].Heading=60 Target[069].Type=watertower1 Target[069].Offset=-526.62,-478.56 Target[069].Heading=0 Target[070].Type=bombtrailer Target[070].Offset=-464.41,1125.46 Target[070].Heading=96 Target[071].Type=bombtrailer Target[071].Offset=-445.81,1307.45 Target[071].Heading=5 Target[072].Type=USFuelTruck Target[072].Offset=-422.92,1322.97 Target[072].Heading=60 Target[073].Type=powercart Target[073].Offset=-403.59,1341.49 Target[073].Heading=-2 Target[074].Type=blastshield Target[074].Offset=-445.14,901.99 Target[074].Heading=0 Target[075].Type=shack1 Target[075].Offset=-405.02,1354.73 Target[075].Heading=141 Target[076].Type=USJeep Target[076].Offset=-415.38,1345.38 Target[076].Heading=156 Target[077].Type=bombtrailer Target[077].Offset=-429.90,902.81 Target[077].Heading=-2 Target[078].Type=powercart Target[078].Offset=-463.64,958.07 Target[078].Heading=280 Target[079].Type=USFuelTruck Target[079].Offset=-484.55,1277.26 Target[079].Heading=-125 Target[080].Type=barrack1 Target[080].Offset=-546.38,-415.86 Target[080].Heading=90 Target[081].Type=barrack1 Target[081].Offset=-546.29,-375.65 Target[081].Heading=90 Target[082].Type=barrack1 Target[082].Offset=-543.25,-334.98 Target[082].Heading=90 Target[083].Type=barrack1 Target[083].Offset=-543.16,-294.77 Target[083].Heading=90 Target[084].Type=barrack1 Target[084].Offset=-547.10,-254.45 Target[084].Heading=90 Target[085].Type=barrack1 Target[085].Offset=-547.01,-214.24 Target[085].Heading=90 Target[086].Type=barrack1 Target[086].Offset=-543.97,-173.57 Target[086].Heading=90 Target[087].Type=barrack1 Target[087].Offset=-543.88,-133.36 Target[087].Heading=90 Target[088].Type=barrack2 Target[088].Offset=-555.59,-484.54 Target[088].Heading=0 Target[089].Type=building2 Target[089].Offset=-592.33,-486.01 Target[089].Heading=90 Target[090].Type=barrack1 Target[090].Offset=-611.15,-415.90 Target[090].Heading=90 Target[091].Type=barrack1 Target[091].Offset=-611.06,-375.68 Target[091].Heading=90 Target[092].Type=barrack1 Target[092].Offset=-608.02,-335.01 Target[092].Heading=90 Target[093].Type=barrack1 Target[093].Offset=-607.93,-294.80 Target[093].Heading=90 Target[094].Type=barrack1 Target[094].Offset=-611.87,-254.49 Target[094].Heading=90 Target[095].Type=barrack1 Target[095].Offset=-611.78,-214.27 Target[095].Heading=90 Target[096].Type=barrack1 Target[096].Offset=-608.74,-173.60 Target[096].Heading=90 Target[097].Type=barrack1 Target[097].Offset=-608.65,-133.39 Target[097].Heading=90 Target[098].Type=building1 Target[098].Offset=-629.46,-480.87 Target[098].Heading=90 Target[099].Type=building2 Target[099].Offset=-466.54,-93.67 Target[099].Heading=0 Target[100].Type=barrack1 Target[100].Offset=-461.03,-416.88 Target[100].Heading=90 Target[101].Type=barrack1 Target[101].Offset=-460.94,-376.67 Target[101].Heading=90 Target[102].Type=barrack1 Target[102].Offset=-457.90,-336.00 Target[102].Heading=90 Target[103].Type=barrack1 Target[103].Offset=-457.81,-295.79 Target[103].Heading=90 Target[104].Type=barrack1 Target[104].Offset=-461.76,-255.47 Target[104].Heading=90 Target[105].Type=barrack1 Target[105].Offset=-461.67,-215.26 Target[105].Heading=90 Target[106].Type=barrack1 Target[106].Offset=-458.63,-174.59 Target[106].Heading=90 Target[107].Type=barrack1 Target[107].Offset=-458.54,-134.38 Target[107].Heading=90 Target[108].Type=barrack1 Target[108].Offset=-547.73,-49.24 Target[108].Heading=90 Target[109].Type=barrack1 Target[109].Offset=-551.67,-8.92 Target[109].Heading=90 Target[110].Type=barrack1 Target[110].Offset=-551.58,31.29 Target[110].Heading=90 Target[111].Type=barrack1 Target[111].Offset=-548.54,71.96 Target[111].Heading=90 Target[112].Type=barrack1 Target[112].Offset=-548.45,112.17 Target[112].Heading=90 Target[113].Type=barrack1 Target[113].Offset=-608.30,-49.54 Target[113].Heading=90 Target[114].Type=barrack1 Target[114].Offset=-612.24,-9.23 Target[114].Heading=90 Target[115].Type=barrack1 Target[115].Offset=-612.15,30.98 Target[115].Heading=90 Target[116].Type=barrack1 Target[116].Offset=-609.11,71.65 Target[116].Heading=90 Target[117].Type=barrack1 Target[117].Offset=-609.02,111.86 Target[117].Heading=90 Target[118].Type=barrack1 Target[118].Offset=-549.27,190.64 Target[118].Heading=90 Target[119].Type=barrack1 Target[119].Offset=-549.17,230.85 Target[119].Heading=90 Target[120].Type=barrack1 Target[120].Offset=-546.14,271.52 Target[120].Heading=90 Target[121].Type=barrack1 Target[121].Offset=-609.74,189.58 Target[121].Heading=90 Target[122].Type=barrack1 Target[122].Offset=-611.83,230.55 Target[122].Heading=90 Target[123].Type=barrack1 Target[123].Offset=-610.50,274.89 Target[123].Heading=90 Target[124].Type=barrack1 Target[124].Offset=-611.45,319.16 Target[124].Heading=90 Target[125].Type=barrack1 Target[125].Offset=-546.73,319.99 Target[125].Heading=90 Target[126].Type=fueltank2 Target[126].Offset=-1360.91,-939.14 Target[126].Heading=180 Target[127].Type=fueltank2 Target[127].Offset=-1376.40,-976.46 Target[127].Heading=180 Target[128].Type=fueltank2 Target[128].Offset=-1394.00,-1011.67 Target[128].Heading=180 Target[129].Type=fueltank1 Target[129].Offset=-1401.75,-1054.62 Target[129].Heading=180 Target[130].Type=fueltank1 Target[130].Offset=-1425.69,-1041.95 Target[130].Heading=180 Target[131].Type=building1 Target[131].Offset=-631.67,-568.63 Target[131].Heading=60 Target[132].Type=building1 Target[132].Offset=-616.07,-596.15 Target[132].Heading=60 Target[133].Type=building2 Target[133].Offset=-601.48,-622.13 Target[133].Heading=60 Target[134].Type=shack1 Target[134].Offset=-594.62,-649.72 Target[134].Heading=240 Target[135].Type=USFuelTruck Target[135].Offset=-1024.67,-779.24 Target[135].Heading=60 Target[136].Type=USFuelTruck Target[136].Offset=-1184.70,-994.13 Target[136].Heading=235 Target[137].Type=fire_dept Target[137].Offset=-1006.05,-747.23 Target[137].Heading=151 Target[138].Type=shack1 Target[138].Offset=-1017.03,-762.69 Target[138].Heading=151 Target[139].Type=blastshield Target[139].Offset=-1216.67,-1039.86 Target[139].Heading=97 Target[140].Type=shack1 Target[140].Offset=-1226.84,-1024.34 Target[140].Heading=61 Target[141].Type=USJeep Target[141].Offset=-1005.75,-768.21 Target[141].Heading=60 Target[142].Type=bombtrailer Target[142].Offset=-1215.02,-1021.22 Target[142].Heading=60 Target[143].Type=barrack1 Target[143].Offset=-744.95,-511.37 Target[143].Heading=-30 Target[144].Type=barrack1 Target[144].Offset=-776.12,-525.85 Target[144].Heading=-30 Target[145].Type=barrack1 Target[145].Offset=-805.82,-538.83 Target[145].Heading=-30 Target[146].Type=barrack1 Target[146].Offset=-835.99,-552.80 Target[146].Heading=-30 Target[147].Type=building2 Target[147].Offset=-876.24,-564.35 Target[147].Heading=-30 Target[148].Type=building2 Target[148].Offset=-696.28,-416.00 Target[148].Heading=90 Target[149].Type=USTruck Target[149].Offset=-640.68,-589.64 Target[149].Heading=-210 Target[150].Type=USJeep Target[150].Offset=-630.42,-606.03 Target[150].Heading=-32 Target[151].Type=building3 Target[151].Offset=-1065.70,-690.99 Target[151].Heading=-37 Target[152].Type=shack1 Target[152].Offset=-1087.19,-690.30 Target[152].Heading=-37 Target[153].Type=barrack2 Target[153].Offset=-688.33,-368.36 Target[153].Heading=0 Target[154].Type=barrack2 Target[154].Offset=-687.65,-320.37 Target[154].Heading=0 target _proto.ini : [TargetArea001] Name=Leeuwarden Airbase Position=190000.000000,698000.000000 Radius=8485.281250 ActiveYear=0 Location=7 Alignment=FRIENDLY http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?460h7dtd35gqoof here is the things i changed... but it ctd crashed on me when its hitting 70 % while loading.. so i did something wrong.. i have followed the trick from wrench copy a excisting airport and change the x and y to the new settings. and leveled the airports.
  15. tutorial for cutting and animations controle surface i have found. is there something else i have to watch for??

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