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Tornado ECR/IDS Pack (Italian) V1.0

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Tornado ECR/IDS Pack (Italian) V1.0

***************** Italian Tornado ECR/IDS Pack for SF2 V1.0 ************************


This pack contains 4 Italian Tornado aircraft with all the sounds, effects and weapons etc necessary for use. Although initially based on Dave, AD and Sundowners Tornado GR1/GR4 pack (in which I was involved) this pack includes new models, converted SF1 skins and improved ini's over the original GR1/GR4 release. It has been tested in both a Full Merged Nov '11 and a single SF2:E Nov '11 game with no problems found (not tested in SF1).





Unzip then copy and paste these folders into your Mod folder (usually C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 or whatever yours is called).






Aircraft Specific Info (in-game, not accurate to real life timeline) -



Tornado AMI ECR '98 (1998-2020) - The SEAD/Electronic Warfare version of the Tornado IDS, this comes with a powerful Built-In ECM jammer than the IDS and no Cannons.


Tornado AMI IDS '04 (2004-2020) - This is the Mid-Life Update for the IDS which gives it precision weapons like 1000lb JDAM, GBU-12/16/24, Storm Shadow Stand-Off Missile and post '06 the IRIS-T. It also has a secondary function in an Anti-Ship/SEAD role allowing it to carry the new AGM-88D HARM and Kormoran 2 ASM.


Tornado AMI IDS '79 (1981-2003) - The standard IDS for the AMI it carries fairly limited payload types to just Dumb bombs upto 1000lb MK83 and the Kormoran ASm in the Anti-Ship role.


Tornado AMI IDS Op Locusta '91 (1991 Op Desert Storm) - A Gulf War version of the IDS, it is a basic AMI IDS '81 but with a Sand Paint scheme.






Loadout Screen -



As per the Other Tornado German/GR1/GR4 packs most of the defensive pods & A-A missiles are combined in Weapons group 1 so please don't use the in-game loadout screen to change anything in Group 1.



Issues -


Just a limited weapons loadout for the AMI IDS '81, similar to the Luftwaffe setup, until the '04 Update which introduce much more variety.



*******If you find any issues or find that I've got something wrong please contact me on CombatAce - http://combatace.com/user/64030-ianh755/ *******************






My thanks for all their hard work and efforts go to the following -



Soulman - All the Decal help once again.


Sundowner, AD & Dave - The Original SF1 & SF2 Tornado packs.


Bobrock - The 6 & 70 Stormo AMI Skins


X-Ray - The 50 Stormo AMI Skins


Sundowner - The new IDS/ECR models and the Tornado Skin Template.


Wrench - The Hangar Screen Templates.


Ravenclaw007 - Once again for his fantastic weapons.




Have fun and thanks for Downloading.............................................IanH



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