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Tornado ECR/IDS Pack (German) V1.0

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Tornado ECR/IDS Pack (German) V1.0

***************** German Tornado ECR/IDS/Marine Pack for SF2 V1.0 ************************


This pack contains 4 German Tornado aircraft with all the sounds, effects and weapons etc necessary for use. Although initially based on Dave, AD and Sundowners Tornado GR1/GR4 pack (in which I was involved) this pack includes new models, converted SF1 skins and improved ini's over the original GR1/GR4 release. It has been tested in both a Full Merged Nov '11 and a single SF2:E Nov '11 game with no problems found (not tested in SF1).





Unzip then copy and paste these folders into your Mod folder (usually C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 or whatever yours is called).






Aircraft Specific Info (in-game, not accurate to real life timeline) -



Tornado ECR '90 (1990-2020) - The SEAD/Electronic Warfare version of the Tornado IDS, this comes with a much more powerful ECM pod than the IDS, no Cannons and a FLIR turret under the nose.


Tornado IDS '00 (2000-2020) - This is the Mid-Life Update for the IDS which gives it precision weapons like 2000lb Laser-JDAM, GBU-24, IRIS-T (post '06) and post '09 the Taurus Stand-Off Missile. It also has a secondary function in an Anti-Ship/SEAD role after the disbandment of the last Navy IDS squadron in 2005 allowing it to carry the new Kormoran 2 ASM. This comes in 2 paint schemes, an all-over grey for AG51 or a green camo design for JaboG 31 so I've allowed you to change the fuel tank colour at the loadout screen based on which skin you prefer.


Tornado IDS '79 (1979-1999) - The standard IDS for the Luftwaffe it carries a fairly limited payload due to the politics of the era but does come with the awesome MW-1 Dispenser in either Anti-Runway or Anti-Tank/Personnel varieties (AI Has trouble using it as it designed for 100ft deployment and AI can't go that low).


Tornado Marine/Navy IDS '82 (1982-2005) - The Naval version of the IDS, it's primary mission is Anti-Ship/SEAD and it was the only IDS capable of carrying larger 1000lb bombs and the Kormoran ASM until their disbandment started in 2000 lasting until the last Sqn went in 2005. It also carries it's defensive pods on the opposite wings to every other Tornado User.






Loadout Screen -



As per the Other Tornado Italian/GR1/GR4 packs most of the defensive pods & A-A missiles are combined in Weapons group 1 so please don't use the in-game loadout screen to change anything in Group 1.



Issues -



Due to the Political issues in Germany in the 80's the Luftwaffe's armory's were pretty bare and contained very few different weapon types which is why the loads outs are all very similar so be perpared for lots of MK82 Snake-Eye and BL755 sorties until 2000 and the arrival of the IDS '00 with it's enlarged weapons types.


The Taurus missile is using the old Storm Shadow model as it's the only one square enough to simulate it.


The Flir Turrent on the ECR has no display.


With the IDS '79 Strike loadout the AI can't use the MW-1, they just pull up into a stall when trying to use it.



*******If you find any issues or find that I've got something wrong please contact me on CombatAce - http://combatace.com/user/64030-ianh755/ *******************






My thanks for all their hard work and efforts go to the following -



Soulman - All the Decals help and his fantastic AG51 in Afghanistan Skin which I "grey'd" slightly for the European threatre.


Sundowner, AD & Dave - The Original SF1 & SF2 Tornado packs including some of the Luftwaffe Skins I used for this pack.


Dave - The Luftwaffe ECR Skin.


Sundowner - The new IDS/ECR models and the Tornado Skin Template.


Wrench - The Hangar Screen Templates.


WildCat - The Navy MFG1 A/C and Weapon Skins.


Ravenclaw007 - Once again for his fantastic weapons.




Have fun and thanks for Downloading.............................................IanH



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One thing I forgot to mention - the different MW-1's -


MW-1 Anti-Runway - Takes 6 seconds to fire all 32 cratering rockets which is the pretty much the length of a runway at 550kts.


MW-1 Anti-Tank/Personnel - Takes 2 seconds to fire 32 main bomblets with each one turning into cluster bomb at 100m AGL for 1280 munitions total :yikes: (which is still less than the 4000+ the original could carry).



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