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SF2E: TSF: Submarine Hunters Mission Pack

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SF2E: TSF: Submarine Hunters Mission Pack

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SF2E: Operation Isbjörn: Submarine Hunters Mission Pack

By The Scandinavian Front Team


Stratos, this one is for you :good:




I am still trying to get this to work in the campaigns, but with Anti-Ship not working for defensive and all, it has been difficult to implement - to say the least since Scandinavian Forces always are on the defensive.


So I am releasing it in this format. An Aircraft, and a few Single Missions.


It is an Addon, you _WILL_ need Operation Isbjörn 1.1 or greater (current version is 1.4, so don't worry about that). This is due to Terrain and other Aircraft involved and me being sheer Lazy. :drinks:


Link: http://combatace.com/files/file/12562-sf2e-tsf-operation-isbjorn/


So, what is this all about?


You will hunt Submarines, thats what. Best enjoyed with visual targeting and HUD on HARD. Good luck finding the sneaky little bastards. For you without Mission Editor, I have set up four different scenarios for you. Enjoy !



Unzip into your Strike Figthers 2 TSF Mod Folder.



PBY-5 by Velcro2K, Norwegian Skin by Paulopanz

November Class Sub by Fubar512

Depth Charges from Weapons Pack.


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