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Northern Sabre 1975

This is based on the stock Northern Sabre campaign, but set in 1975. It stars 4 allied Carriers, The Ark Royal, The Clemenceau, The JFK, and The Forrestal. The campaign will be easier than '79 due to the extra help, but keeping your ships alive is still a challenge.


Plenty of Phantoms to fly including the F-4K, 2 squadrons of F-4J and the 57FIS F-4C (57FIS was actually using SEA camo on their planes).


You will NEED SF2:V, SF2:NA and DLC F-4K + F-8E(FN)


And these ships:






You will want:








Back up your files first!

Merge the contents of into your modfolder.


Alternate loadout for Buccaneer S2D is optional, but will make Naval Stikes more effective.



I tried you use the appropriate planes/squadrons and ships/names/numbers


Innacuracies include:


A-7E's on the Forrestal are not the correct ones because SF2 does not include decals for VA81 and VA83.


The Super Etendard was not in service in 1975, but I couldn't find a Etendar IV.


French fleet uses stand-ins including Essex Class carrier for the Clem.


Soviet ship names are not all accurate to 1975.


WWIII didn't actually happen in 1975 AFAIK, so just have fun with this!


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Got this, but gonna replace the F-4K with the one from Mirage Factory, same with the F-8E, 'cause don't want to buy DLC for a campaign. :blink:


But good work sir! :good:


My best regards, Kodiak.


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Sounds good, and thanks!


One thing I've noticed while playing this one out: I have never hit a Tu-95 with an AIM-7E-2. They just carry too much jamming hardware. Since the -F is not available yet, you must get in close w/ winders and guns.

Also, the CVW on the JFK was equiped with A-6A and A-7B, so they are not going to last long in a naval strike. But don't worry. The Forrestal shows up on the 20th with A-6 and A-7 -E's.


I will release another version when we have more Soviet ships, but right now the red fleets are entirely KrivakI and Kashin.


I should also let people know that if your A-6's are flyable, they're ready to go.

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