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  1. Aereonautica Militare Italiana F-84G Skinpack

    Thanks Paulo, love your skins, great work! Keep them coming :)
  2. V-1 JET BIKE- 125 STUDIO

    Oppresor MK II, lmao.
  3. Armstrong Whitworth Meteor NF.12

    Nicely done Paulo, I love it :-)
  4. Grumman E-2C Hawkeye

    Nice work Paulo, I love all your planes! Keep them coming :)
  5. EA-6B Superpack

  6. 540MB? Can you not compress it more? Is a big chunk.
  7. Crop Circles Anyone?

    It's just a glitch in the matrix.
  8. In the *_data.ini of the terrain edit this: [HeightOffset] LowDetailMesh=-100 WaterMesh=0.8
  9. I have Windows 10 running on my PC, and it does it flawlessly. I also have a laptop from HP with Windows 8.1, but I think I'm gonna let Windows 8.1 on that for a while, because I think the drivers that my laptop needs may cause some problems when upgrading to Windows 10. I think laptops quicker get problems with an upgrade to Windows 10 than PC does.
  10. Mig-29K Pak

    First and third pic is a SU-27, not a Mig-29!
  11. Here is the Early Bone Cockpit from SF2. Try if you get it to work in SF1. My best regards, Kodiak. Early_Bone_Cockpit.zip
  12. Oh, oops sorry, I didn't see it was a Bone for SFP1. I have mine in SF2. Sorry again. My best regards, Kodiak.
  13. What did you fix then? My bone has it's own cockpit and flies great.

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