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  1. But the BIG question is, Will we be able to get those New Tiles also? Will they be uploaded here, or...? Best regards, Kodiak.
  2. Yes you can. I have all lods from the game, extracted juli 2013. There are tools, they are just not linked to SF2 when you search for them, they can just about extract anything from any file that is an archive.
  3. You can extract all models from the game. It is pretty easy, you just have to use the right tools for it.
  4. A Cessna on Area 51

  5. Release it!! It is good! We all want it :)
  6. Anywhere for download? Would love to have them in my game :)
  7. Great work!! Anywhere I can download these sights? :-)
  8. Is this a real airplane, or is it a fantasy plane, the nose looks like it is taken from an F-15 :)
  9. DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10 - Repacked

    Thanks Paulo, I love your work!
  10. Aereonautica Militare Italiana F-84G Skinpack

    Thanks Paulo, love your skins, great work! Keep them coming :)
  11. V-1 JET BIKE- 125 STUDIO

    Oppresor MK II, lmao.
  12. Armstrong Whitworth Meteor NF.12

    Nicely done Paulo, I love it :-)

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