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This thread is to generate ideas and possibly collaborate on a large scale.


While doing the A-6 Superpack, I came across many different squadron tails for the same squadrons depending on the timeframe of the picture. Since I've been tying my skins to the existing A6Tail decals (and making some improvements), the only real variation comes between the differences in tails between the color (default), LVB (low visibility-black), and LVG (low visibility-grey). I would like to be able to do different logos and tail codes based on the timeframe (i.e. the date selected by the campaign/mission), with the game defaulting to the existing tail if a tail decal for that squadron in that timeframe doesn't exist.


I realize that I can do whatever tail I wish if I tie a skin directly to a squadron and have custom decals for that skin, but I was wondering if there is a more elegant solution, possibly using SQUADRONLIST.INI.


To compound the SQUADRONLIST.INI issue, not only have tails changed over time, but squadron names and designations have as well. For instance, the VA-34 Blue Blasters are now the VFA-34 Blue Blasters (flying the F/A-18), and VA-128 is now VAQ-128 (Prowler RAG instead of Intruder RAG). For the double whammy, the former VF-103 Sluggers are now the VFA-103 Jolly Rogers (changing squadron logo/name as well as designation).


I noticed that NATIONS.INI has the capability for alternate markings. For example, here's the EGYPT entry (relevant entries separated by carriage return):

DisplayName=Eqyptian Air Force



And later on

// Egypt 58-71

// Egypt 48-58


It appears that by daisy chaining entries, we can create multiple national logos. I haven't tested this yet, but I was wondering if the same thing can be done with squadrons using SQUADRONLIST.INI.


This could possibly allow for a community SQUADRONLIST.INI with custom logos for aircraft (stock and third party) that are tied to particular timeframes.


The next issue is that if this is doable, we would need to divide eras and squadrons into groups of numbers so that everybody who uses this would have their mod compatible with everybody elses' mods. There's also the issue of whether we are limited to 1000 squadrons in SQUADRONLIST.INI, which would mean further limiting what we could do.


Your thoughts?

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Sounds like VERY extensive work but cool if we could make our Nation.Ini and Squadronlists compatible...

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It would be extensive over the long term, but could be done iteratively if it can be done at all.


Just assign (for example) numbers 450-500 to VA squadrons from 1975-1983. You could leave alone squadrons that didn't change much between them (or maybe don't have as cool of a logo), and make different 3 different logos for VA-85. For logos that haven't been done yet, just assign them a dummy start date or the original logo, keeping the number as a placeholder.

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