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Capitaine Vengeur

National counters & revised OB (ground battle) for ODS

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National counters & revised OB (ground battle) for ODS

This mod provides you with a batch of colorful, reduced-size counters, devoted to each of the nationalities present during Operation Desert Storm, 1991. Besides having a more attractive map and less confused stacks, you can also find more easily the units you're after. As a rule, the counters with rectangular national flags and brigade/division/corps devices show the ground units, while the counters with roundels concern the air units.


Also, I propose here a improved order of battle concerning the ground units only, that I feel closer to the actual strengths and positions of both belligerents' units at the time of the launching of Operation Desert Sabre – even if still imperfect. Active nations of the Joint Muslim Forces, that were absent in the original version, can now take their part of the job on the Allied right wing.


The disposition of the strategic nodes has been revised as well to include the added positions of ground troops, and also to re-enact at best the actual swift “left-hook” Allied offensive. On first move, Allied mobile units have opportunities to bypass the Iraqi first lines, and stacked units have several possible axes of attack. Through testing, it seems to work quite efficiently, with a quick collapse of the Iraqi right wing during fixing battles against the tougher, denser and deeper left wing in Kuwait.


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